Sanctuary in #Silence

Radio and the telephone came but a century ago, measure this against a modern civilisation of 6,500 years of no electronic interference, music or noise.

When God parked me on a dune for three years, living out in a forest setting next to the ocean, something happened. The value of stillness, of quiet, hit me like a tsunami. There is no sound as audible as that of silence.

In my secluded retreat, I saw eagles, wild otters played at my feet, we had a colony of harmless brown tree snakes that never troubled us.

Nature spoke in many voices, the wind blowing through the milkwoods, the ocean roaring at night, yet it was mostly fairly quiet. No radio jingles, no riffs, no electro-pop.

Presently, I am on a Twitter detox as the frenzy doesn’t allow for God’s quiet voice to be heard.

It was in this period that I heard the voice of God the clearest. I became jealous of my time with Jesus, my Everlasting Father. Following my NDE a few years prior, this was a spiritual formative school.

A lover of music, I came to realise how offensive even Agnus Dei sung by Michael W Smith could become. Emotional experience may fool us to believe it is spiritual. When you really are in the Spirit and hearing God’s silent voice, anything else becomes noise.

Perhaps, if we made time to switch off devices, withdrew into silent retreats, even at home, we could learn to hear His whisper again.

Be still and know.


Travel Chat #Detox

Lawrence G Green said that the busy streets had irked him, that he had longed for peace and quiet, the kind only offered by the Kalahari. It is not that the frenzied tweeting on Twitter had irked me, it is more that I needed peace and quiet. So, as a temporary measure, I deleted Twitter from my phone, indedinitely, albeit temporarily. I will be back.

After a heart attack in traffic late 2017, my doctor realised that I also had a light stroke and that I was left somewhat weakened on my left side. And I still drove myself to where I could get helped and that was not a hospital.

Things finally caught up with me and I cannot do this and focus on fairly large projects that we are busy with, of a humanitarian nature. I need to do a lot of research for this but I also need to take time out. Spot a whale, reconnect with nature.

From time to time I may post somehing trivial to my blog, as I’m doing now, via email.

See ya!

Twietpolitiek #afrikaans

My grond is getransitoroof

Ek is moeg vir die galretoriek

Van donaldse trompiepolitiek

outokrate demokrate aan’t prate

Se pyne met rippiblikyne

Ramalema wil grond koop sonder geld

O my aarde, hier kom geweld

Want Eswin het van sy veld afgestap

Oor sy Naaste se sieklike grap

Die plakkers is die vieste

vir traanrook polieste

dis rubberkoëls en guava juice

die rookwolke mos ‘n mengelmoes

op die kerkplein longdrops opgeslaan

waarheen anders sal die mense gaan?

maar twitter twiet verniet vir piet

wat annerpad kyk en natuurskoon sien

liewer jou naaste met liefde dien

as moegraak vir antie Pat se spat

die hele ou helse boksendais

hulle is nou rêrig nie naais

stap ver, dink liewer wyd

vra kruieraad in tjailatyd

Antie Net het dalk bossieraad

Dat twieters kan mooigoed praat

mense weer die son sien skyn

en palestyne in vrede verdwyn

soos dinge nou reeds staan

kom die koerant met twee Eno’s aan

ek dink ek dink weer ‘n keer

laat Nataniël tog twieters maniere leer!

Dawie Kramer sal daarop hamer,

As Karen sing die Afrikaners is plesierig

ons luister pomporrelkonsert

en eet biltong en melktert

twiet liewer oor Herrie se troue,

of aan Tjelsie se veldblomskoue

sien die mooi ini lewe in raak

amners raak hiri Kapenaar vaak!