Free WiFi

First, we cried Free Mandela. Next came Free Love, then Free Willy. Eventually, we see Free WiFi all over. The Millennial Creed.

Data is expensive, in my country at least twenty times dearer than even the worst in the USA. It stands to reason that socialmedia junkies will crave for free Internet access. There always is a quest for the cyberholy grail, Free WiFi.

These hotspots are very unsafe and are best avoided. A rat, meaning a hacker, may be lurking and inject malicious code into the wireless router. The router then will allow him access to any or all devices connected wirelessly to it.

Hackers now can take control of your pukka smartphone or other device, without you even knowing. He can access all your data, steal passwords, banking information and clone your ID.

You also put every person in your contacts at risk as he can now send messages to then all, maybe include a cute emoji that contains a spyware bot – voila! Your entire cyber community betrayed because you wanted a free ride.

In 2018, would you go down to the dockyards for a one night stand, using no protection? No, if you had any margin of sense, of course you wouldn’t. Why take your smart device down a similar road?

Practise a safe connectivity regiment. Don’t let your devices sleep around, promote cyber chastity and prudence.


A Short Look At #Travel in the Bible

Some of us are just adventurers, seemingly born to travel. I am incurable and it only ever is monetary considerations that manage to curb my movements.

Paul traveled a lot and I think he would have been a pukka travel blogger in this day and age. Imagine how many followers he would have had on social media, what great photos he would have posted to Instagram. Or Jakob, Isaiah, Abraham, last but not least, Jesus.

How wonderful, then, that some 44 bloggers recorded some stirling travel adventures over a period of 1,500 years, for us to follow in the footsteps of great personalities who had gone before us? I think they are greater influencers, even to this day, than any of us can dream to be. As much of their writings still lead people to travel from all over to see Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Judea, the Dead Sea but also Cairo and the rest of Egypt. Greece, Turkey, Rome – these all benefit from great travel blogging done thousands of years ago.

It is amazing to see how travel writing can lure someone into packing that luggage and boarding a plane, ship or train. Or to go on an extensive roadtrip.

Am I right when suggesting that the travel writer follows an esteemed, ancient profession?

Whimsical #blogging

I grew tired of the typical 10/10 bikini bodies, perfect sunshine, no wind, everything so picture perfect and totally different from what tourists actually experience. The jet lands in Johannesburg instead of Durban as there was terrible wind shear, the Greyhound is still stuck at a STOP/GO on the N12 while even the delayed PremierClasse is gracefully steaming in along Platform 24.

The MyCity bus MyConnect card goes corrupt in between stations, People walk and the bus is transporting thin air. The hydraulic doors break a Swedish tourist’s arm. At City Sightseeing, beggars harass tourists waiting on the Red Bus and at Mojo’s someone’s purse, mink coat and R18k iPhone finds a new owner.

“Life happens. Africa is a tough country.”

I am trying to bring reality home, trying not to be a tourist brochure or a voice on PA system but someone who share actual experiences with prospective visitors, so that they know what to expect. Here is the blog post, please read & comment there, guide me if you thing I am losing it.

New travel blog!

Hi, I just started a brand new travel blog at

It is pretty iffy right now, but follow and go with me as I grow. Hoping to bring you special places but also some nice discounts on holiday accommodation! 

See you there! 

Google Rock Star Level 7 #LocalGuide

This had happened two or three months ago, already, yet it gives me great pleasure to show that working for free, initially, had helped me gain recognition, making me a worthy influencer to market your product or service.

On Twitter, up to 250,000 impressions per month, Facebook is much more active and drive more readers to my blogs, yet I have no stats for that.

Being associated with six major passenger transport social media accounts and even more industry influencers, also helps taking your product out.

Furthermore, collaboration with various tourism bodies and other influencers makes my offer just that much more resilient and advantageous.

There are many ways in which I can promote your product as I am a recognised, authentic influencer, trusted by many as I don’t buy fake followers like many do, then they let you pay for that.
Test my Twitter handle @awethentiq at

Contact me so that I can show you the different ways in which I can market your business an a great way, at a very low cost.


I find that travel takes me places. No, I don’t mean destinations. I am talking personal growth, a broadened mind, a greater understanding of how the world fits together. It takes me to new friendships, tastes, smells, fragrances, stimulating thought and creativity. Travel prompts me out of my comfort zone into the torrent called life. One can never travel and return as you left, you will be a changed being.

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