Not Always Social #socialmedia

So one may find that even a close ally may become a “bitter twitter” or “snapcrap” or “instacrap.” I really don’t intend to be rude but I need to get a point across here.

It is estimated that just two percent of Christians are true disciples. If that estimate is correct, it means that there are many folks out there who may appear to be nice but, given the opportunity, they may grow sharp claws.

Social media is a place where most account holders pretend to be what they are not. More so when you are in a feelgood industry where one needs to smile and be friendly even when a dagger sits stuck between your shoulder blades, piercing your heart.

One sure way to lose followers, is to mention Jesus. Every time I do it, I lose a few followers. Light sometimes offends darkness – there just is a spiritual mismatch. I don’t mean to say that others are nasty or false, but rather that different spiritual forces drive different people. It is a battle that started in Eden and it will always continue on this side of the grave.

Do not be surprised if you are suddenly assaulted on socialmedia as your spiritual nature alone could clash with the opposite side. Darkness doesn’t love the Light.

Easy to resolve.

Walk away.

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A Short Look At #Travel in the Bible

Some of us are just adventurers, seemingly born to travel. I am incurable and it only ever is monetary considerations that manage to curb my movements.

Paul traveled a lot and I think he would have been a pukka travel blogger in this day and age. Imagine how many followers he would have had on social media, what great photos he would have posted to Instagram. Or Jakob, Isaiah, Abraham, last but not least, Jesus.

How wonderful, then, that some 44 bloggers recorded some stirling travel adventures over a period of 1,500 years, for us to follow in the footsteps of great personalities who had gone before us? I think they are greater influencers, even to this day, than any of us can dream to be. As much of their writings still lead people to travel from all over to see Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Judea, the Dead Sea but also Cairo and the rest of Egypt. Greece, Turkey, Rome – these all benefit from great travel blogging done thousands of years ago.

It is amazing to see how travel writing can lure someone into packing that luggage and boarding a plane, ship or train. Or to go on an extensive roadtrip.

Am I right when suggesting that the travel writer follows an esteemed, ancient profession?

Sanctuary in #Silence

Radio and the telephone came but a century ago, measure this against a modern civilisation of 6,500 years of no electronic interference, music or noise.

When God parked me on a dune for three years, living out in a forest setting next to the ocean, something happened. The value of stillness, of quiet, hit me like a tsunami. There is no sound as audible as that of silence.

In my secluded retreat, I saw eagles, wild otters played at my feet, we had a colony of harmless brown tree snakes that never troubled us.

Nature spoke in many voices, the wind blowing through the milkwoods, the ocean roaring at night, yet it was mostly fairly quiet. No radio jingles, no riffs, no electro-pop.

Presently, I am on a Twitter detox as the frenzy doesn’t allow for God’s quiet voice to be heard.

It was in this period that I heard the voice of God the clearest. I became jealous of my time with Jesus, my Everlasting Father. Following my NDE a few years prior, this was a spiritual formative school.

A lover of music, I came to realise how offensive even Agnus Dei sung by Michael W Smith could become. Emotional experience may fool us to believe it is spiritual. When you really are in the Spirit and hearing God’s silent voice, anything else becomes noise.

Perhaps, if we made time to switch off devices, withdrew into silent retreats, even at home, we could learn to hear His whisper again.

Be still and know.

Travel Chat #Detox

Lawrence G Green said that the busy streets had irked him, that he had longed for peace and quiet, the kind only offered by the Kalahari. It is not that the frenzied tweeting on Twitter had irked me, it is more that I needed peace and quiet. So, as a temporary measure, I deleted Twitter from my phone, indedinitely, albeit temporarily. I will be back.

After a heart attack in traffic late 2017, my doctor realised that I also had a light stroke and that I was left somewhat weakened on my left side. And I still drove myself to where I could get helped and that was not a hospital.

Things finally caught up with me and I cannot do this and focus on fairly large projects that we are busy with, of a humanitarian nature. I need to do a lot of research for this but I also need to take time out. Spot a whale, reconnect with nature.

From time to time I may post somehing trivial to my blog, as I’m doing now, via email.

See ya!