“What I know about myself is worth more than the opinions of fifty million”


The Uncool Rude 

There is a meme going about on social media. It advises the reader (onlooker?) to be polite even when knowing there won’t ever be a need of the other persons involved.

As a disabled community, we have been subjected to very rude remarks and bad attitudes by some political “leaders” for no reason. Some have even been subjected to ridicule and cyber-bullying.

Such rudeness only serves to reward the instigator with the total disrespect of the affected or even with unpopularity from the site of the public. (Read: voters!)

I think that, especially people in high places, should have a guard in front of the mouth, as the offended could bring them down to the reality of life on the street. Respect those who had put you there in the first place, or ultimately leave in shame.

Keep Praying!

If you read this story, your heart surely will be touched. It just shows how terrible human leaders can be sometimes but also how faithful God is. Call upon Him in your hour of need and He will deliver you. 

Please Sign & Share Petition 4 #Disabled

There is much marginalisation of and open discrimination against people living with disabilities.

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