Stop Abusing Them!

#NotInMyName So many men get silently abused, discarded, exploited by abusive women. I became aware of this while attending a men’s congress at Mabula almost thirty years ago. Ever sonce, the one-sided assault on men has had me confounded. We met a young lady with two kids recently while visiting a young couple who also have small children.

The young lady is around thirty, yet many 18-year old girls can only dream of her external beauty.

Inside, it is a different story. She is getting divorced and already on dating sites. Her husband loves her, wants her to stay but her pride, ego, cold heart and egotism shines through. She is also interfering in the marriages of others.

This is sheer violence, think if the pain she is also causing her little children and how she is poisoning their minds.

And the loving guy, of course, gets both the blame and the bill. Another broken man.



Afrikaners was onlangs beduiweld toe iemand gesê het dat hulle ouers in aftreeplekke toegesluit en net af en toe besoek word. Lyk my die waarheid maak seer.

Ons het in ‘n aftree-oord gewoon en self gesien hoeveel ouers nooit besoek word nie, hoeveel op verjaardae, Kersfees en Nuwejaar alleen sit. Die oorgrote meerderheid!



Ons jonger geslag gaan op in venuwingsteologie maar ontbreek aan Liefde.

My eie pa sit in ‘n ouetehuis ver van hier, ons kan hom nie gaan besoek nie. My hart bloei vir hom.  Dié wat naby woon, is ongeduldig en selfs onbeskof met hom. Net soos wat ek nie die perfekte ouer was nie, was hy ook nie. Tog het hy sy bes probeer, homself vir ons opgeoffer. Nooit dronk huis toe gekom nie. Daar was altyd kiste wyn in die huis, tog was my ouers sober, nie eens gerook nie.

Ek ken mense wie se kinders naby woon, maar in meer as ‘n jaar nie kom kuier het nie. Iets is verkeerd in ons kultuur, die jonger geslag het nie liefde, respek of waardering nie.  Kortom, integriteit ontbreek.

Soveel ouers leef boonop finansieel in ellende, terwyl kinders luukshede kan bekostig.  Ons sien ook dat daar duidelik ‘n klasdiskriminasie plaasvind. Dit is onbybels.

Dis nie altyd die beste ding om ‘n Afrikaner te wees nie.

Ons historiese geboue, vliegtuie, skepe, treine vergaan jammerlik. Mense gee om daarvoor, dit is reg so. Hulle gee om vir pikkewyne en worshondjies, ook niks fout daarmee nie.

Wanneer gaan ons ‘n rooineusdag sien wat uitroep “SAVE THE GRANNY” ?!

Stel dit reg, lewer dan kommentaar.

Toe nou!



Before denominations existed, Christians were of one mind. That is what we need to return to. It was only when (we) non-Jewish were added to the body, that all sorts of paganism was introduced into Christianity, thereby bringing division and dissension. Four centuries later, denominations started fragmenting this body of believers and, today, there are some 38,000 sects around the world, including that of Rome and Constantinople.

We should become one again.




Dis gewoon profesie wat in vervulling gaan, net soos wat Sondag se samehorigheid die voorteken daarvan was. Moenie te ontsteld raak nie, maar reik uit na die mense. Ek en my gesin is twee dekades gelede hierdeur en weet watter hel dit is, niemand het ons kom help nie maar eerder ons verdruk en verstoot. Twee in my gesin het hulle geloof verloor, die ergste is dat dit kerke is wat ons besoek het wat net mooi dieselfde aan ons gedoen het. Maak nie saak wie die kwaaddoener is nie, die pyn is dieselfde. Die wanhoop is dieselfde. Die opstaan uit die as met letterlik niks neem meer as ‘n dekade, bloot omdat niemand hand bysit nie. Leer hieruit, mense moenie hulle harte en beursies toesluit vir hulle wat deur ander se toedoen alles verloor het nie. Hoe jammer kry jy hulle? R50 jammer? R100 jammer? R1000 jammer? Is daar ‘n our rekenaar wat stof vergaar, ‘n tweede of derde motor wat jy kan afstaan, dalk ‘n tafeltjie wat jy kan opoffer? Gordyne, ‘n emmer en besem? Raak betrokke by die nood van ander.

Dis moeilik genoeg as jy alles verloor deur ander, dis nog moeiliker as die gemeenskap dan onbetrokke is.

Wees die eerste eeuse gemeente.

Toortsie, Kameel en Bokbaaivygie se blog

Saterdag het baie mense van ons land deelgeneem aan ‘n biddag vir ons land. Groot getalle mense het opgedaag by Bloemfontein, waar Angus Buchan die verrigtinge gelei het. Dit was egter nie al nie, orals in die land was daar gebedsbyeenkomste gehou, ook hier in die suide waar ek woon.

Die tema by ons gebedsgeleentheid was: ‘I’m no longer a slave of fear, I am a child of God.’ Ons sing uit ons hart uit, ons voel versterk. God is in beheer. Ek hoef nie bang te wees nie.

Gisteroggend kom die dringende versoek: Bid vir Lichtenburg. Gistermiddag laat, daar’s chaos in Coligni.

Ek besef skielik dat ek nog nie stiltetyd gehou het nie, my dag het anders verloop. In my bidboek bely ek dat dit so maklik is om saam te sing dat ek nie langer ‘n slaaf van vrees hoef te wees nie omdat ek Sy kind…

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I posted this on Facebook on April 22, 2017:

South Africa is praying for change today. People are flocking together in Bloemfontein. Change is needed, but we need change from within ourselves, first. We cannot expect others to change unless we are willing to change ourselves. Today’s mass prayer could be placing the cart before the horse.

How do we drive?
We take someone’s written quote to lower the prices of others – that is corruption
Skip stop signs, traffic lights
We jaywalk
We cycle selfishly, arrogantly
We do as we please – each his own little god
One racist accusing the other of racism
It is always someone else, never me
That is what has to change
Pray that I will change
Then I can change
South Africa

The Day I Couldn’t Write My Name

Over a period of we week, I became more and more sensitive to things around me. There was much excitement but also terrible disappointment.  There was stress about possible eviction. And excitement about a possibility to join a church’s missions division. Then the procrastination by the pastor; even this morning he yet again failed to show up for a meeting he had set yesterday.



More and more straw on the camel’s back.

Then came a few nights where I just could not sleep, there were sudden headaches and I arrived at the doctor’s yesterday, having skipped yet another night’s sleep, with sudden, sharp headaches. I was given a form to fill in. Oh, that’s easy!  I have been filling in tax returns, insurance forms of various sorts, other financial forms, death- and birth registrations, the list is endless.  So I look at this form and I think it was printed on Jupiter. I cannot speak and, finally I manage to say a few words. On this form….a drawing of a pine tree or a camel?  I see lines, many lines. What on earth do I have this paper for?  Paper. Papers.

There is a long wait. I remember I have a wife; where is she?  I call her on the phone, she said I kept saying “Papers. Papers. I don’t understand the papers. I don’t understand.”  I recall none of this, but I do remember crying and feeling ashamed as there were people all around me who saw. They checked my vital signs; somehow I remember that to some extent and that my blood pressure was high but reasonable. 161/83. Blood glucose was 9.4; not good but also not as bad as 18. They did find a pulse, somewhere. I peed on my hand when offering a sacrifice in a plastic jar. Yuck. I frightened me that i could not aim. There was a day when I won medals for target shooting over a thousand yards. No I wet my hand because I don’t know where the jar is that it is supposedly holding.

There are so many people; one is busy having a serious stroke.  The day goes by in hour-long seconds; too many of them.

Over time, I get better. I still cannot type on my tablet but I manage to read Joel’s response and an email from a fellow blogger who also had a sudden ER trip.  Yes, now I will remember to read it to my darlingmost wificle.

The doctor sees me. A very decent, soft-spoken Muslim girl. She is so small that I thought she could be in primary school still. She explains to me, as politely as she can, that I am already taking meds for stroke, if it was an ischemic stroke (TIA) but it could have been a neuropathic event caused by diabetes.

That I have my faculties back, seemingly without noticeable damage, is more than just a stroke

of luck

I called it Grace.

I originally posted this on July 8, 2016 and had another mini-stroke in October of that year. Speech impaired, was taken to hospital by ambulance, walked out there a few hours later, having checked myself out and I have recovered fully by His grace since. 

#Ubuntu An Analogy that fits.

This is not a lecture in IT but rather a message regarding your own personal life; the IT here is just to serve as an analogy with some click bait for geeks.  You will not need to click on any links to get the message, but rather read on.

This word is pronounced ooh-booon-too and it comes from the Nguni languages of Southern Africa.  It can be interpreted as “together we are one” or maybe “humanity in unity” or even “we are community” and it toes in with our philosophy of “it takes a community to raise a child.”  Yet the best way to translate “ubuntu” is to say “I am, because we are.”

It also is the brand name of a certain free and open-source computer operating system that has always been FREE and always will be.  I myself am using a refined version thereof, called Linux Mint Cinnamon. It comes standard with a whole lot of FREE software ranging from the MS Office compatible Libre Office as well as Mozilla Firefox browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email client as well as host of other applications such as graphic imaging, PDF document readers, among others, as well as access to a repository of about half a million free programmes from games to engineering to financial management to almost anything you can think of.  They have you covered!


Ubuntu was created by Mark Shuttleworth who also was the first African in space but is better known for his pioneer work in Internet Security and the Thawte corporation.  Mark brought us Ubuntu after he came back from space.

While it is free and, at user level, the most stable, secure operating system with everything you will ever need. It has the very best protection against malware, of all operating systems, although nothing ever is 100% secure.

Linux is not more safe than Mac or Windows because it has a (perceived) smaller global footprint, but because of how it works.  The Cloud runs mostly on Linux, it is used to crunch the blockbuster movies you are watching and it powers more than 98% of the world’s supercomputers including the top one, Sunway TaiHu Light.

Many other things run on Linux.  A short list, by far not complete:

  • Home appliances such as VCR/PVR/TV/DVD devices, fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.
  • Automobile engine management systems or the “black boxes.”
  • Traffic control systems
  • Flight entertainment
  • Android!!
  • WiFi routers, networking equipment
  • Wearable devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Hadron Collider
  • Nuclear submarines, military equipment, etc.

Linux affects every aspect of your life even when you are not aware of it.  Why so few people are still using it, is illogical as it is free and very easy to use. It is compatible with almost all peripherals such as modem dongles, printers, scanners, etc., 95% of the time not even requiring drivers installation or configuring.  For instance, things that simply won’t work on Mac will work immediately when you plug it into Linux, such as various HSDPA modem dongles that I own.Installation and even learning to use it is wayyy easier than jumping to Windows 10 from older Windows even!

Jesus Christ came from space, born through a woman and brought us salvation for free. His Spirit is there for every application we may need in life and He affects our lives in so many ways we often are not even aware of. He is the driving force behind the largest religion in the world with about 2.4 billion followers.

Linux Mint, based upon Ubuntu, is the world’s third largest operating system after Windows and Mac OS X. Even so, most still choose not to use what is virtually all they will ever need, but choose to be in the bondage of closed proprietary systems.  Unlike the secret digital source code of Mac or Windows, the source code of Linux is readable in plain text. Just like the operating system for humans, the Word, the Scriptures, the text.  It is not in the secret occult (obscured, hidden).

There are some 300+ versions of Linux, called distro’s, short for ‘distributions’ just as there are maybe 38,000 church denominations, yet all proclaim Jesus.

People choose the hard way. Just like Mark Shuttleworth brought us Ubuntu, Jesus brought us Salvation.  If people do not load the Ubuntu software, it is not because Mark do not care for them.  It is their free choice, despite the many millions he had paid from his own pocket to even send CD’s for free, delivery charges included, as even I received a number from him, through his organisation Canonical.  Jesus brought is the canon, the Scripture, as He is the Living Word.  All we need to to is to choose Him, choose eternal life. We need to have our minds renewed by uploading a new operating system, simply by reading the source code, the Bible, in plain text, line for line, just like one could read Linux (if you wanted to.)

Just as we have HELP files in operating systems, in Linux many times called “manpages”, we have such MAN-pages for humans, that covers every aspect of life and that has an answer for every situation.  Got stuck with a problem?  Open your MAN-pages and read!


If you decide to do it the costly and difficult way, it is not because Jesus did not love you as He already bought you back from death, but it is you needing to accept Him.  If you reject Him, it is your choice to be condemned to a very real Hell eternally.  He sends nobody there but they choose to go!  Which, unlike computer code, would be very illogical.

Not choosing eternal life would be illogical.  Jesus sends nobody to hell yet they choose to go!  Why??