A Drought Too Far #CapeTown

It was around 1965/1966 when there was a terrible drought and it came at a time when my tribe was noted for pride and arrogance, social injustices, etc. It was a time of mixing sundowners and a fair level of irreverence, masked by a deep religious conscience – a token one, when measured in bulk.

During this period, the drought became intense and church services were held. Yet we did not pray for rain, as the church minister encouraged people to repent from their ways. Repentance is the admission of guilt and turning away from the offence.

People sobbed, cried out to God because of their sins. A few minutes into the service, a church council member went up to the minister, whispered in his ear. Then, the minister interrupted the proceedings and urged all to instantly make their way home, as some had thirty or fifty miles to drive and a cloudburst was happening outside – from skies that were clear minutes before. On this flat highveld land, storms could usually be seen from a distance, but not this time.

I saw this again, during another terrible drought in the Overberg – North Boland region, in the very early 1970’s. In our church, the reverend, Mr Combrinck, asked people not to pray for rain but to seek God’s face first, to deal with sinful attitudes, to repent. The miracle was repeated while we were still in church.

It is a principle of Scripture that we will have our early rains, our late ones, our seasonal rains in abundance at the appropriate times, when our relationship with Jesus is where it is supposed to be.

I see the drought, I hear the mockers ridicule, I see pride and arrogance. I see bad driving, which really reflects the heart. I see people rioting, I see arson, corruption, all manner of crime, drug dealing and prostitution, promiscuity and a worship of other gods – things that replace Jesus as Number One.

I see support for Antichrist political movements local and abroad, support for atheist Marxist communism, I see support for public violence, greed, corporate coveting of what belong to others.

I see children rebel against their parents, so many daughters forsaking and betraying their very own flesh and blood, who had raised them. I see hate, unforgiveness and I see an open aversion to Jesus.

Mention Jesus in a Tweet and instantly lose scores of followers.

Then I see this terrible drought and, in my mind’s eye, I see the blatant sexual promiscuity on my city’s streets. There even has been bicycle rides totally in the nude, with young children attending – girls who have yet to develop. The Mayor gave a blessing just as other God-antagonising events get promoted so that Cape Town can “keep up with the rest of the world.”

Is this wave of drought, crime, economic downturn, political instability perhaps how the much-predicted tsunami is hitting Cape Town?

Favour comes through relationship and we want our loving Father’s blessing yet we try to denounce Him in public? Are we not deluded in our thinking?

While we do bad things, we participate in the sensus and well over 8 out of every 10 proclaim to be Christian. Isn’t it time we had the integrity to live up to our claims?

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Paul was an Apostle, called in the place of others who departed early. Paul still was a servant of Jesus, we need to understand this very clearly.

The Law was given to teach man that he could never save himself, hence the myriad of do’s and don’ts. The Law also instill in us reverence or respect, otherwise known as the Fear of The Lord.

Jesus did not revoke the law yet He fulfilled it. That means that we now obey Him, not the law. See Jesus as your Living Word, your Living Torah, meaning your interactive, real-time instruction. His bodily presence was replaced by His Spirit presence and, as He had promised, some of those living with Him saw His Kingdom come at Pentecost.

Jesus holds all authority, which is best explained in His figurative “sitting at the right hand of the Father.” As the Father is Spirit, does He have a hand? Read Isaiah 9:6 where Jesus is identified as the Everlasting Father.

We have now seen that Jesus is the Law and He holds all authority.

Paul, a mere servant, taught obedience and salvation by grace alone. The church, meaning the bulk of Christianity, though, turn Paul’s teachings into law, thereby putting liberated born again believers back under the curse because anyone under the law also lives under its curse.

It is sad that people misunderstand what Paul said through not understanding the audience and context of his preaching. He addressed specific issues, yet the church, in its fundamentalist delusion, turns it into law.

Jesus did give two laws, which are impossible to break without breaking at least one of the other ten. Also, see that ten commandments equate to the ten tribes of Israel but the two commandments refer to Yudah and (I think) Benjamin. God counts in dozens.

Also, Jesus never declared all food clean, that is an added entry inserted centuries later by an ambitious, opportunistic translator.

So, as I am guided by the Spirit of God, who is not a ghost, the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, in Greek pneuma, He will not lead me to things He finds offensive, sinful or bad for me. So many eat unclean things, proven through science to be harmful, claiming that Jesus declared it clean. He didn’t, a naughty monk lied. Pork causes cancer, scientifically proven. (They didn’t mention bacon though.)

Jokes aside, we cannot and shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that we can now do as we please. We should obey His Spirit in all, which means we will then remain perfectly within His will.

We also shouldn’t burden believers with all sorts of new laws, as that was never the intent of Paul or the mission of the New Testament.

If we claim to be saved by Grace alone, we should have the integrity to live accordingly.

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Church Unity #Christianity

Jesus (for the lack of His real name) prayed for unity among his followers and, initially, His prayers were answered. First century Christianity was a culture of oneness in mind. We are referring to the Messianic Jews in Jerusalem, of course.

Do I suck this from my thumb? Didn’t Paul have much to say about disharmony and division? Yes, so he did, but the dear apostle wasn’t dealing with the Messianic Jews in Jerusalem, but with reborn Gentiles from elsewhere.

The reborn Jews were of one mind, perhaps because they understood God’s will because of the Torah and Tanakh having been impressed upon them since early childhood. Fertile soil for the Holy Spirit to flow, unlike the Gentiles with their pagan beliefs and traditions. The Messianic Jews needed no argumentative Paul to teach them the proven way.

We read in the book of Acts, in reality just part of the Gospel by Luke, that these Jewish believers were of one mind. Also, that they didn’t pay their Dstv first but cared for another. In fact, they were totally selfless.

Many people today say that their church is like that and it is encouraging. But does that selfless love extend beyond their own church? Can they equally love and care for Christians outside of their church walls? How does your church interact with the other 38,000+ sects and denominations? Is there equal love and do you show it?

Why are there so many reborn Christians living in lack and poverty while others own several properties, own multiple vehicles, etc.? Why do so many modern-day Levites, the ones called to spread His Word, live in extreme conditions? How many readers here have that old laptop or smartphone sitting on the junk heap while others would give their front teeth for it?

1John 3:17 comes to mind. Study that verse, apply it in practice.

What had happened to Christianity? The Protestants point fingers at the Catholics, both think they are better than the Jews or, at least, the Muslims. I ask you: who is it who does the will of the Father and so become the “true Jew?” Romans 2:28-31?

The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. I see a divided, fragmented body of believers. A torso with its members amputated instead of a pristine bride.

Think this over: what do you see?

Clinging onto a dead Communist

Someone recently doubted me and my wife’s faith in and relationship with Jesus Christ, the only leader with an empty grave. Instead, she chose to put her faith into a deceased Communist who, by definition, was an atheist. Choosing to believe in someone who is both dead and an unbeliever sort of defies the objective, doesn’t it?

Said person, in her blatant worship of the dead communist, refused to be educated on how he had ordered the torture and deaths of many, how he ordered two public massacres – deeds he never was even charged for. A comission of inquiry points at roughly eight thousand victims brutally killed, mostly tortured to death or even buried alive. Is this someone to hold on to “to have something to believe in?”

Such is humankind – we choose what to believe and truth is unwelcome. It makes us uncomfortable, so we choose to believe in idols instead. Human idols, modern day idols.

As the Living God, incarnate in the form of Jesus just doesn’t make the grade. We cannot hold on to him, we have to hang on to a dead unbeliever. Yes, they chose Barabbas over Jesus! Nothing has changed….now, if you then pray at night, how do you expect your prayers to be heard? On what basis will you find redemption?

My chosen Saviour rose from His grave, He healed people, provided for them, raised them from the dead. The exact opposite of what the dead communist idol did.

Choose who you will worship. Do so wisely.

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Anonymous, via WhatsApp

When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:

“Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance.

We know Your Word says, “Woe to those who call evil good”, but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

We have shot anti-abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem.

We have abused power and called it politics.

We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honoured values of our forefathers and called it

You Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free. Amen!”

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the
prayer in protest.

In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 of those calls responding negatively.

The church is now receiving international requests for copies of this prayer from India , Africa and Korea .

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on his radio program, “The Rest
of the Story,” and received a larger response to this program than any other he has ever aired.

With the Lord’s help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and whole-heartedly become our desire so that we again can be called: “one
nation under God.”

If possible, please pass this prayer on to your friends. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.”

Dreaming On #nosignal

Bennie came to me with a book about Joseph and his dreams and how his brothers wanted him dead. That was around 1989-ish and he felt compelled that the Spirit of God was upon him to give that to me. Over the years, I saw the purpose of that humble little gift from a friend.

Dreams were given and came true in their hundreds. Amazing then, that the one who had penned down so many of them, still don’t believe but ride unicorns in her own world of make-believe.  Yes, some cannot be convinced regardless of all the evidence.

One such dream was given in 2003 and transpired in the fullest detail only in 2016 – 2017!  People nowadays want instant fixes but God’s timing simply ain’t ours.

People want something to believe in and some choose dead men to worship as an idol, as a last straw to hold on to. The Living God appeared in the body of Jesus Christ but He gets rejected. Let’s see how far that will take one – maybe also being rejected by Jesus in the end?  Figuratively speaking, losing signal, no connection with the unseen.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the Kingdom of God appears in formats we don’t want to recognise as it doesn’t fit or biased opinions, or maybe our lack of education. Readers are leaders but so many just have no knowledge – a free choice, yes. It can cost one your salvation in the end and the alternative is not something you want to consider.

No, I am not a religious nut – I am not even religious. Even so, I have met the Creator and got to know Him intimately when He took me aside for fifteen years.  Did it make me a better person?  By no means!  In me, then, proof of His endless mercy and grace as that is what is needed – and still is – to redeem me.

Yet I am chosen as a messenger, as someone testing His people to find what is in there – can we find metal or is it just slag, muck and dross?  Remember Jeremiah 6:27-29??

Like the other few hundred dreams that had come true, some more will. Will a few then believe?  Or won’t they realise why their signal to God, their coverage by Him is now lost?  Why boot camp (the soldiers have a great F-word for the physical trials that accompany that) is the new normal, as life took a turn for the worst?  That a season of Grace had passed because the spilt blood of Jesus Christ is mocked?  Can a dead man save you – mine saviour is alive, His grave is empty. I don’t hold on to dead men at all. I just see no point in that.

When God does as promised – and surely He will – people will start believing but that would be too late as they had denied Grace. Their next lesson to learn will be that faith is needed for salvation.

I stupidly asked God for more faith than Abraham had – some thirty-odd years ago. God granted it, said He doesn’t do DHL, to collect at Reception. Boy, has this been a crawl after the holy grail!  Thirty years of extreme hardship, trials, tribulation, one test after the other.  Of course, as every special forces soldier will tell you, you can’t chicken out fifty yards from the end – you have to go all the way for selection. Too many want the spoils but won’t do a bit of self-sacrifice.

Now let me tell you – being a believer doesn’t make you a better person, just a pardoned one. And, that is where Grace kicks in as I also don’t deserve the prophetic anointing that I have, yet I have seen it in operation time again since 1985. My dis still points in the right direction, despite myself, who I am. As Grace saves me at every turn and, boy, do I seriously NEED this!

So, to all the doubters, critics, exploiters, abusers, naysayers – the heat is on, let us see who was right: God or you, as that is what it boils down to. Let us see if God lives up to HIS dreams in the end, or whether I am just the next con man. A word of caution, though, as there is a thick file on proof that dreams had come true. God has a head start here and you need to catch up on this.

God doesn’t lie and, if your one does, he then is no real god!

Some flourish on Dogville instead of seeking eternal life. Perhaps great advice to click on that link and read it, to some it even may be a mirror. It also reminds of the mission of the twelve, and of the seventy – who went out without a purse and brought His peace, ate what was given to them and, when the attitudes secretly became sour, shook the dust off their feet and left, taking His peace with them, away from those homes. 

Eric Lomax was The Railway Man in a very hard way – who remember Bride On The River Kwai? He sacrificed tremendously during WW2, as did the Marine from Mandalay. True stories and not much different from mine.

People who don’t have His Spirit don’t understand the things of the Spirit.  To them, it is utter nonsense, illogical.  Yet HE is the Dream Giver who has so much in store for you.

Careful when you welcome someone into your house as some had received angels unwittingly. You never know who knocks on your door.  Do you see that person’s need or, instead, where and how you can benefit, maybe make an easy buck out of the plight of others?  It is when you start exploiting people and you think they didn’t notice, that you are so lost.

My wife is a good thermometer.  As I am writing here, she became increasingly stressed out, crying inside for weeks – as we were in Dogville for a bit. She was being terribly exploited and secretly told me so many times she wanted out. Eventually, she became obstinate and, totally out of character, we started arguing over the past two, three days. We are not used to this as we are the biggest pals. Which is why we are still married after so many years and are still in love.

We were taken where we didn’t want to be, to do His duties we didn’t really want to do – we also crave a regular life. Yet He sometimes want to investigate crimes of the heart and then send in His detectives. Not a job I would recommend, to be very honest. Don’t ask to do only His specific and perfect will as it may take you on a very different path than the average person. Hindsight somehow never comes in good time.

So, if someone dreams of losing signal and doing boot camp and you have see this before, know what it means but cannot warn the citizens of Dogville, what do you then do?

You tell me.

Real vs Crazy #Christianity 

On the other side of the globe, they are jailed for their love of Christ Jesus. Tortured, pierced, decapitated. They get evicted, with nowhere to go. No shelter against desert sun, wind, cold at night. Nowhere to draw water or get food.

They jubilate because of their love for Jesus, thankful for their salvation from sin, death and hell.  And they think that free Christians in the West think of them all the time, care for them, love them and pray for them.

In the West, Obama point blank ignored them and their plight. He did not intervene when he saw their persecution. Hilary eas going to add to their burden, than God that Trump had won, if only for this reason, nothing more!

What goes on in the free West?

Will I be saved if the Old Man is fighting fit in me, if I feed it prime steak and the best wine? Does PETRA Band not sing a cool tune about “killing the old man” in you.  Is it not Jesus who should be fed instead? How does Hollywood help with that?

Falling asleep to a TV series filled with bad attitudes and fictitional fights. Getting upset about the domestic fights in a fabricated story on a tiny screen at the bedside. Waking up to it, continuing the next day, 5am with the same.

Taking that dark attitude with as the wingman for the day. To lash out at those around you.

No sign of the Holy Spirit, yet Saturdays go into a trance, say “tik tik tik tik tik” in “tongues” and feel spiritually moved. All in the flesh, all for the show, or for self-righteous justification.

Where I live, there is this Christian who does weird things, for a reborn Christian. She refuses to thank the Lord before eating, as she says one doesn’t need to be religious about it. Through Moses, the Lord said we should pray before and after meals, as this would instill in us a sense of gratitude.

In eighteen months, we have eaten most meals together. At two meals, there were no complaints while, at two more meals, compliments to the chef. All other meals are marked by a constant complaint about what is wrong with the food. I may be wrong, but my own idea is that the dining table should never be a place of animosity or confrontation. Conflict tastes bad. It ain’t no spice.

What if she loses her job and end up eating scraps, cannot drive her car but must walk? If walking a kilometre between car and the shop is too much for a healthy person, how would she react to walking with a limp, or crutches, or rolling along in a wheelchair? Would healthy walking then look a tad more attractive? One really can’t but help to wonder.

The Lord has His ways to teach people. 

In traffic, while driving in any way other than legitimate, also switching lanes without indicating, traversing solid lines, closing gaps so that others can’t find their way in from an on-ramp. When she occasionally, maybe once in three months, do give someone a gap, she whines, moans and bitches because the other driver didn’t stoop to grovel in gratitude.

Constantly, the finger points, the tongue lashes. Others are shouted at, as they are monkeys, in her unqualified opinion. Joy had left me long ago, as nobody can remain positive and jubilant in such a holy hell.

Literally as wide as she is tall, she does not attempt to bring her weight under control. There is no self-control but rather indulgences as described in 1 Corinthians 5:9-13. I eat Greek salad for desert but the Greek prefers double thick caramel shakes. And it shows.

Such is the gossip that comes from work, the boss, the colleagues, even the clients suffer under a sharp tongue, in absentia. Just nobody can do right, as only one is perfect and don’t you even think the honour belongs to Jesus. No,sirreee, there is one more pure and perfect than that.

Such is the leadership at church, those who don’t just speak in tongues but make the weirdest sounds. Nothing like the typical glossalia. You have to visit a bovine feedlot to get a better idea.

My Muslim friends and a few animists, Buddhists and a Hindu say they can see that God has blessed my wife and I, how anointed we are. At church, we are told that we are in bondage of spirits by such as described. Guess where I prefer to spend my time and with whom.

If we must fellowship with people of faith, what are our options? Trains I travel on, have luxurious lounges with fully equipped bars and the folks do make use of it. I have my coffee. We have a wonderful time together, make friends, I share about my life with Jesus in a language they understand.

The Rasta in the wheelchair, poor as,a dog, rolls up to me, greet me with a “Yah man!” He goes on to say there is only one Jesus and that I should never worry as Jesus is right next to me, always. “Praise Jesus!”, he says, before taking his wheels down the road.

Raj grows his beard, prays five times a day. He says he wants to grow in his relationship with God, only do His perfect will. The world, he says, must wake up to repentance, to make things right with God, as Jesus wants to return. Not bad for a Muslim, eh?

Someone had this catchy tune called Blurred Lines three, four years ago. A very sexy video along with it, making me drool and blush at the same time. The deeper message is that we have choices, that life is seduction but that doing the right thing also is an alternative. When life throws you blurred lines, choose right.

So I visit the coffee shop. A Lesbian traffic officer, a retired Parliamentarian, a thirsty engineer, a photographer, also a handyman, another photographer, a busker, then also a painter and songwriter, a street preacher, the list of regulars is long. We’ve known each other for over a decade. The waitress’s daughter has a cancer. We all pray, whether we are saintly or not, maybe even speak in alternative tongues the navy could interpret. We care, we share, we laugh together, crying is a community thing. That cancer really bothers us.

Yes, there is love in that coffee house. Maybe true church is in the club, or having a coffee amid sharing yarns, or just where love is needed and received.

No sharp tongue required.