El Lions Conference Centre

It was Friday morning, the the 15th of September, 2017, as we headed out on the N7 highway, with very little traffic and the going was much easier than anticipated; time was around 8:30AM.


We were not rushed and drove at a leisurely pace to Philadelphia, where we turned left towards the West Coast and passed the historical farm Keert De Koe. This is where we saw the first of many man-made owl-nests. This stretch is just 4.7km. We turned right into the R304, the old road to Darling and travelled for 7.3km, passing through a leafy tunnel formed by huge saligna trees and turned right into Saxonwold Road. We passed the Waldorf school to our left and saw many more owl’s nests. The effort to re-establish owls is encouraging. Following this road, we entered another “tree tunnel” and promptly found El Lions to our right, after having covered 4,1km.

Arriving at the gate shortly after us, were Marius De Vos and Marinda Holtzhausen, who had facilitated the day’s educational visit. We passed through the electric gate and saw a few peacocks doing their prouncing. We parked under gigantic trees next to a large khoi dam, where we were introduced to owners Mario and Lona. We were surrounded by woodlands alternated by expansive lawns and grasslands, with spring flowers blossoming. The setting was picturesque and the two ladies, Karen and Niki, soon took to doing some photography.


As other guests arrived, we were introduced and invited to the lapa, a tented wooden structure made of home-grown saligna and hand-built by Marco. It did not ask but estimate that it can seat approximately seventy guests, maybe more. In the centre is a lovely built-in fireplace and in the one corner, a very neat bar counter from where we were served light snacks and coffee.

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We were then taken on a walk to view the facilities and were shown a number of 1-bedroom apartments, each with a sofa, kitchenette, bedroom with double bed, wardrobe and a bathroom with toilet, basin and shower, all very neat and presentable. Each has a two-seater wooden table outside.

From there, we went to the conference centre consisting of two one-bedroom apartments that can also be used as a two-bedroom apartment, with a lovely lounge, there are two bathrooms and two kicthens, of which one interleads into the fairly large conference room.

We also viewed the thirty stables converted into sleeping rooms with two double bunk beds each, a shared kitchen and his & hers bathrooms, each with several showers, toilets and basins. As in all the other facilities, wood sourced from the premises have been used, expertly crafted by owner Mario Baragona.

Finally, there is an indoor swimming pool, pool table and other leisure amenities.

El Lions is set in rustic woodlands covering 21 hectares and there is ample space for team building, mountain biking, quad biking, jogging and other physical activities. There are various braai spots as well as an amphitheatre with a plinthed fireplace at its centre – formerly used as a lunging ring for training racehorses. As someone remarked, there has to be a place where Khumbaya can be sung under a starlit sky.

Groups of twenty or more are welcome and El Lions would be ideal for church-, school-, youth-, cultural- and corporate groups for conferences, team building and training.



Another Crazy Little Thing Called Love

1 If I make use of the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am like sounding brass, or a loud-tongued bell.

So often, we find that some charismatic Christians will become confrontational about the speaking in tongues, telling those with other gifts that they don’t have the Holy Spirit. In doing so, they prove that they don’t have His Spirit themselves, as they are unfairly judgemental and surely not acting in a spirit of loving kindness.

2 And if I have a prophet’s power, and have knowledge of all secret things; and if I have all faith, by which mountains may be moved from their place, but have not love, I am nothing.

What does it help to have all the prophetic wisdom and then be devoid of His Love?  The result is just another source of irritating noise.

3 And if I give all my goods to the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it is of no profit to me.

To be a giver and a sharer is really something commendable, but does it come at a price? The moment that it takes away liberty, freedom, dignity from the recipient, the deed is nullified. Do it in such a way that the one at the receiving end never feels compromised.  Don’t send emotional bills. They may become bad debt.

4 Love is never tired of waiting; love is kind; love has no envy; love has no high opinion of itself, love has no pride;

My wife and I have been waiting on the Lord for something since 1998. If ever someone was being taught patience, this must be it. During this process, like Job, we had everything taken away from us.  We had to remain humble and kind….not always that easy. Others had given up after waiting just a year or so; waiting is too much effort to have one’s faith really tested.

5 Love’s ways are ever fair, it takes no thought for itself; it is not quickly made angry, it takes no account of evil;

A sharp tongue, sometimes selfishly so, has ended many marriages and relationships, friendships and also careers. Being critical of others is a sure sign of the absence of natural love, a disqualification for being a marriage partner. My wife and I have been married very happily for thirty years and hardly ever a harsh word. I don’t jump on her because she cannot replace a cap, be it the toothpaste or shampoo, the ketchup or the jam. And she just never tires of me spreading reading material, flash drives, USB cables and computer paraphernalia all around me.

6 It takes no pleasure in wrongdoing, but has joy in what is true;

Love won’t enter into a contract with sin, it won’t lust after someone outside of marriage, or covet the neighbour’s brand new Lexus. Love will want to walk a straight path as God is Love.

7 Love forgives everything. Love is always trusting, and always hoping, and never gives up.

Love forgives everything. Did you make a wrong turn in traffic?  Love forgives that. Did you burn the toast?  Love forgives that. Did you spill tea on the carpet? Love forgives that.  Did you forget to close a window or take out the trash?  Love forgives that. When we remind others of every little mistake they make, we reveal our own hearts to be devoid of His Love. If He cannot entrust colleagues or friends to us, how can He trust us with a spouse or children?  Someone who nags all the time and point fingers, simply lack His Spirit. The Bible teaches that.

8 Love never ends. The gift of speaking words from God will end. The gift of speaking in different tongues or languages will stop. The gift of knowing many things will end.

Tongues will stop

Prophecies will end

Love will last into all eternity.

If our friend has done something wrong, remain silent and forgive if it isn’t something really, really crucial. Be the least, just shut up and let that person be, as such is grace, the Product of Love.  This really is the acid test for true Christianity.

A burning question:

How does your life measure up in terms of love?  How tolerant are you of others?

With the Black Eyed Peas, I sing a sad song:

“Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the love (Love)”

KJV Only

I own a KJV and also have it in electronic format.  It is great, but it isn’t 100% accurate, either.
There are people going about shoving “KJV Only” in everybody’s faces. Not only is it devoid of His Truth, but it also speaks of arrogance, therefore absence of the Holy Spirit. It is done in an autocratic and unloving way and it does cause offense. People who promote this theory just reveal their own very, very sad ignorance about who James 1 and Sir Francis Bacon were, also those involved in the translation. Also do they not know about the source texts used and its origins.
Moreover, if they had taken the trouble, as I had done, to research for many years, how the Bible came about, who compiled it and why, they may have come to a different conclusion. If these people, in their arrogance, rather repented and followed The Living Word, Jesus Christ and lived His Gospel in such a way that we never needed a printed book, it would have been different. As it stands, their zeal makes them to be fundamentalist radicals. One of their very stupid premises is that God head “breathed every word” written in the KJV.
OK, say that was true, why are there 11 different versions?
Did God breathe in English? Why then not breathe in Hebrew, His own language? Did God have to try a few times before getting it right?
Why, then, following public outcry because of the occult and Masonic symbols in the original 1611, was a revision published to remove the occult?
In other words: did God breathe occult and Masonic symbols originally?
With or without Apocrypha?
Where are the lost books of Adam and Eve, books that tell of the love of God, how He restores when there is repentance?  The most beautiful of all yet the monks and scribes decided to chuck it out as they rejected it for personal reasons.  If the Bible were complete, it would have consisted of some 600 books, not a mere 66!
Then, also please note that quite some texts were ADDED to the KJV that were NOT in older texts at all. It is as if the translators decided to breathe a little bit of their own. Insomuch it changed the gospel greatly, but is it not a SIN to add, alter or delete?
Please, let us be civil and not repeatedly offend others with rude and offensive posts about what we may THINK is the truth – without even having researched it.
The KJV is NOT a literal (direct) translation but an idiomatic one, NOT based upon the original languages and the KJV itself says so in its foreword! Some wrongly believe that it is a direct translation like YLT or Green’s. It is NOT.
The unloving sheer arrogance portrayed by some of the most religious here makes me understand better why Jesus Himself felt more at home around sinners.
Go, set aside seven years and study the subject intensively, go far outside the scope of theological college, don’t get spoon-fed but be taught by His Spirit who will guide you to the TRUTH if only you are open to accept it when in comes.

Stop Abusing Them!

#NotInMyName So many men get silently abused, discarded, exploited by abusive women. I became aware of this while attending a men’s congress at Mabula almost thirty years ago. Ever sonce, the one-sided assault on men has had me confounded. We met a young lady with two kids recently while visiting a young couple who also have small children.

The young lady is around thirty, yet many 18-year old girls can only dream of her external beauty.

Inside, it is a different story. She is getting divorced and already on dating sites. Her husband loves her, wants her to stay but her pride, ego, cold heart and egotism shines through. She is also interfering in the marriages of others.

This is sheer violence, think if the pain she is also causing her little children and how she is poisoning their minds.

And the loving guy, of course, gets both the blame and the bill. Another broken man.



Afrikaners was onlangs beduiweld toe iemand gesê het dat hulle ouers in aftreeplekke toegesluit en net af en toe besoek word. Lyk my die waarheid maak seer.

Ons het in ‘n aftree-oord gewoon en self gesien hoeveel ouers nooit besoek word nie, hoeveel op verjaardae, Kersfees en Nuwejaar alleen sit. Die oorgrote meerderheid!



Ons jonger geslag gaan op in venuwingsteologie maar ontbreek aan Liefde.

My eie pa sit in ‘n ouetehuis ver van hier, ons kan hom nie gaan besoek nie. My hart bloei vir hom.  Dié wat naby woon, is ongeduldig en selfs onbeskof met hom. Net soos wat ek nie die perfekte ouer was nie, was hy ook nie. Tog het hy sy bes probeer, homself vir ons opgeoffer. Nooit dronk huis toe gekom nie. Daar was altyd kiste wyn in die huis, tog was my ouers sober, nie eens gerook nie.

Ek ken mense wie se kinders naby woon, maar in meer as ‘n jaar nie kom kuier het nie. Iets is verkeerd in ons kultuur, die jonger geslag het nie liefde, respek of waardering nie.  Kortom, integriteit ontbreek.

Soveel ouers leef boonop finansieel in ellende, terwyl kinders luukshede kan bekostig.  Ons sien ook dat daar duidelik ‘n klasdiskriminasie plaasvind. Dit is onbybels.

Dis nie altyd die beste ding om ‘n Afrikaner te wees nie.

Ons historiese geboue, vliegtuie, skepe, treine vergaan jammerlik. Mense gee om daarvoor, dit is reg so. Hulle gee om vir pikkewyne en worshondjies, ook niks fout daarmee nie.

Wanneer gaan ons ‘n rooineusdag sien wat uitroep “SAVE THE GRANNY” ?!

Stel dit reg, lewer dan kommentaar.

Toe nou!



Before denominations existed, Christians were of one mind. That is what we need to return to. It was only when (we) non-Jewish were added to the body, that all sorts of paganism was introduced into Christianity, thereby bringing division and dissension. Four centuries later, denominations started fragmenting this body of believers and, today, there are some 38,000 sects around the world, including that of Rome and Constantinople.

We should become one again.