It Is Hard To Be Civil #DisabledParking

Section 9 of the South Acfrican Constitution states that neither the State nor anyone else may discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, religion, culture, disability, etc.  Taking reasonable access to public facilities away from anyone is a violation of that person’s rights. When disabled people get targeted in this way, we expose the very worst in society. 

Sometimes, being civil really is a challenge. For instance, I wanted to tell you that I really regard these people in the same league as child molesters, baby rapists or those who violate their own mothers and grannies. Then, I thought, what would that do to me in the end? Will I feel better if I blacklisted every shopping mall that doesn’t control their disabled parkings and encourage people not to be buying there?

I could tell you how badly management at Bayside Mall handled my complaint when I found a vehicle from South African Police Services parked across a number of disabled parkings, with a minor child left unattended inside. That I was told that it would be illegal to clamp transgressors – something I checked with the local traffic authorities since and found it to be not true. Clamping is still legit, parking without a permit sticker on disabled parking is not.

Of course, I could say that the very next vehicle that parked where the cop truck was parked, was just a coincidence and that the security officers were watching UFO’s and flying pigs, which is why they didn’t notice.

Okay, so let us not tell you what a badly bred tribe these parking offenders are. People so selfish and lazy that they cannot think that someone may actually need the parking near the door. Like my one friend whose 34-year old daughter is an invalid since a car accident at age five months, totally dependent upon her mother only. As an adult, so very easy to be carried over quite some distance from a remote parking as the mother is very strong and fit, despite being sixty years of age. No problem, she also handles the shopping trolley. But you must see my other friend, a real lioness. Wow, she does it grand! With a little boy breathing through a hole in his throat and limp in a wheelchair, she finds it so delightful that she can show off her prowess by juggle the limp boy, her very active three year old, a wheelchair and a shopping trolley without assistance. And how she just hates these disabled parkings as it makes her feel entitled. So, you will notice her at the mall next time, red in the face while showing off how tough she is.

When she cries into her pillow, be sure that it won’t affect you, as you parked where she should have. You sucked at a smouldering weed between your lips, your truck across to disabled parking bays, while you own very fit, healthy and sexy daughter runs to the store to buy your cigarettes.

So, instead, I told a beautiful young girl on the passenger seat one day, how noble she was to sacrifice her youth, her life, her career, even her blossoming sexuality, to the invalid driving their little Nissan truck. For some reason totally unknown to me, she started sniggering when I complemented her best qualities, while at the same time, her totally cripple boyfriend with his stick-on muscles (buy that at Virgin) became increasingly rosy in his complexion. To the point of being very red. I told her that a beautiful, fit young lady with a healthy dose of hormones like herself, really should have gotten herself a nerd who thought about nothing other than sex all day, as that would have satisfied her most basic needs. Yet, she was noble-minded and sacrificed her endless youthful joys to invest it into the life of her invalid boyfriend.

So, let me reiterate. We will be kind to these parking area pests who invade disabled parkings, as their mental retardation warrants it. And their wives must be deep purple with sexual frustration.

Next time you see one, hoot and feel sorry. Take a photo, share on social media, that others can help bear his burden.

As that is what love is. Carrying someone else’s burden.


The Blue Train – Great Value

So many times, people will advise me that it is too expensive to travel on The Blue Train. It is expensive, of course, as that supreme level of luxury and comfort decidedly cannot come at giveaway prices. One has to be fair in making direct comparisons.

As a retired financial consultant, I decided, to do just that and had a quick look at comparable prices:

  • 1 night for two persons sharing in a comparable five star hotel would cost upward of R14,000
  • Business Class airline tickets (no comparable domestic first class flights) R7,000
  • Gautrain R350
  • Meals, snacks, drinks R9,000 at the very least

I have arrived at R30,350 without including all possible drinks, snacks, room service, etc. Already, this is just short of our own De Luxe ticket of March 2017, which had amounted to R31,000. Of course, on The Blue Train, all meals, drinks, snacks, high teas are included in the price!

Thinking back to our most enjoyable trip, I do not think that most equivalent hotels would have afforded us the same levels of comfort, superlative levels of service and memorable meals while offering us an ever-changing landscape, a pleasant interlude at Matjiesfontein or even delivered us in premium class style to Pretoria, from Cape Town, at the same price.

As there are no premium or even first class flights on domestic flights, The Blue Train does afford the most luxurious travel between the two capitals of South Africa possible, except for much more expensive charter flights using private jets. For the levels of sophistication we had experienced on The Blue Train, we still rate it as the very best hotel we had ever stayed over at.

Value for money it certainly is – I have made basic cost estimates and I am of the opinion that their tariffs are at least thirty percent lower than expected. Given the top service from each and every staff member, from making our reservations right to the end of our journey, we decided that we had the very best deal available in South Africa.

Reclining at the rear of the Observation Car really is a window into the soul of Africa!

The Blue Train – To A Blind Friend

Do they serve pudding after dinner?
I looked at the lady, not sure how to react. Was this a joke, a trick question? Even so, I responded: “Either side.”
The Blue Train is where everything is included, it oozes with luxurious opulence. To even think that there won’t be dessert is, err, unthinkable.
People ask questions about The Blue Train when they learn that my wife and I had the privilege to travel on arguably the world’s best train.  Let us investigate further, taking a blind friend with me.


A Tour of The Blue Train

Taking a blind friend on a short walking tour of The Blue Train, awarded the title of World’s Best Train eight times consecutively.