Stop Abusing Them!

#NotInMyName So many men get silently abused, discarded, exploited by abusive women. I became aware of this while attending a men’s congress at Mabula almost thirty years ago. Ever sonce, the one-sided assault on men has had me confounded. We met a young lady with two kids recently while visiting a young couple who also have small children.

The young lady is around thirty, yet many 18-year old girls can only dream of her external beauty.

Inside, it is a different story. She is getting divorced and already on dating sites. Her husband loves her, wants her to stay but her pride, ego, cold heart and egotism shines through. She is also interfering in the marriages of others.

This is sheer violence, think if the pain she is also causing her little children and how she is poisoning their minds.

And the loving guy, of course, gets both the blame and the bill. Another broken man.



Afrikaners was onlangs beduiweld toe iemand gesê het dat hulle ouers in aftreeplekke toegesluit en net af en toe besoek word. Lyk my die waarheid maak seer.

Ons het in ‘n aftree-oord gewoon en self gesien hoeveel ouers nooit besoek word nie, hoeveel op verjaardae, Kersfees en Nuwejaar alleen sit. Die oorgrote meerderheid!



Ons jonger geslag gaan op in venuwingsteologie maar ontbreek aan Liefde.

My eie pa sit in ‘n ouetehuis ver van hier, ons kan hom nie gaan besoek nie. My hart bloei vir hom.  Dié wat naby woon, is ongeduldig en selfs onbeskof met hom. Net soos wat ek nie die perfekte ouer was nie, was hy ook nie. Tog het hy sy bes probeer, homself vir ons opgeoffer. Nooit dronk huis toe gekom nie. Daar was altyd kiste wyn in die huis, tog was my ouers sober, nie eens gerook nie.

Ek ken mense wie se kinders naby woon, maar in meer as ‘n jaar nie kom kuier het nie. Iets is verkeerd in ons kultuur, die jonger geslag het nie liefde, respek of waardering nie.  Kortom, integriteit ontbreek.

Soveel ouers leef boonop finansieel in ellende, terwyl kinders luukshede kan bekostig.  Ons sien ook dat daar duidelik ‘n klasdiskriminasie plaasvind. Dit is onbybels.

Dis nie altyd die beste ding om ‘n Afrikaner te wees nie.

Ons historiese geboue, vliegtuie, skepe, treine vergaan jammerlik. Mense gee om daarvoor, dit is reg so. Hulle gee om vir pikkewyne en worshondjies, ook niks fout daarmee nie.

Wanneer gaan ons ‘n rooineusdag sien wat uitroep “SAVE THE GRANNY” ?!

Stel dit reg, lewer dan kommentaar.

Toe nou!

#SM: Shift From Mass Marketing to Micro Influencers

“Buy 7,500 followers at only $250, offer expires tonight!”

My mother raised me with the right values. Never buy friends, never bribe someone to acquire that person’s favour. Therefore, I have always frowned upon these “follow trains” on social media. Why would anyone want one million two hundred and fifty three thousand friends? My own take on this has always been that I am on social media to learn from others and to share my own life experience. Therefore, when you check my Twitter account @railCT with a tool such as Twitter Audit, you will see that it gets a 100% rating, even though there are four or five fake followers – automated bots following me.

It serves no purpose to amass followers that one has no relationship with, or sharing no interest with their accounts. I immediately mute or even block people sending me dirty jokes, racist comments and pornography. I have no interest in that, so why keep such users alive on my account? I would not invite such to my home, so why tolerate them on my social media accounts?

I am Awethentiq. This means that I write from my own experience; I do not grab information from a brochure or website to write about your venue. I have to experience it myself. With my understanding of social media, I then get into the mind of your patron and speak to such in a language that will be well understood.

So many owners tell me “but I have a website already!” Oh, really? How are people going to find you if you are a white Hyundai parked among another 530,000 white Hyundai’s on a large field? A website serves those who already know and patronise you. What I am doing, is to expand your horizons. Bring people to your front door. At the time of writing this, there were 68,517 views of Good Hope Bakery at 77 Donkin Street, Beaufort West. I posted the photo on December 3, 2016 only. What is of importance here, is that these were viewed by travelers using a GPS in search of food! These are not just web browsers, but people looking for a solution and getting directions to the front door. I think that Uncle Johnny must have sold a few more springbok pies than usual!

Isn’t this cool?!

A recent street view photo of Harbourview Restaurant in Simon’s Town already was viewed by 4,588 folks using a GPS in search of a great dinner – and if only 1% visited and had a decent dinner, revenues would have been above R25,000! From one great photo promoted in the right way. The thing is that I have posted many more photo’s, some of which also had around five thousand GPS-related views. Someone was hunting for supper and my photo’s took them to Harbourview. If you are ever in need of a great meal, a sociable venue with great views and equally great service, visit

Gifted, talented musician and music producer Quinten Pendle’s offices already had 399 GPS views in less than a full two weeks! Visit for all your audio production needs, backing tracks, studio recordings, music at events, etc. Quinten and I have recently recorded five radio interviews about rail tourism, which he already has aired on two radio stations, one of which an international one.

My main activity is to promote tourism in general and rail tourism in particular. My wife and I travel frequently on our long distance trains, being the tourist class ShosholozaMeyl, best described as a great backpacker on wheels, with a good restaurant on board. Also, the affordable luxury PremierClasse train, the svelte sibling of the ShosholozaMeyl. Every journey on either exceeded our expectations. We have become brand ambassadors of note; we influence so many people via social media but word of mouth is what we really do. The same can be said for our experiences on The Blue Train, an opulent and sublime experience. We so frequently get asked to tell people about our experiences and we can give an Awethentiq review. Budget permitting, you simply cannot go wrong with any of South Africa’s main line passenger trains. We travel, on average, twice every two months and we have never been disappointed. We are sometimes astonished by public perceptions, something we change ever so often. Do visit

Your restaurant, guest house, hotel, travel company or other business can really benefit from this values-driven influencing. One of our respected venues is Steenbokkie Private Game Reserve just outside of Beaufort West. Like the others, we have placed them on the map in a new way. An oasis in the Karoo, with air conditioned rooms and well appointed cottages set in a lush garden, or a lovely grassed campsite under leafy trees. Farm animals, wild game, all for your enjoyment. A place to take your children to, take a look at and

Whether you remanufacture power steering systems like Roy’s in Salt River, or manufacture designer jewellery, we can drive feet to your showroom! Who are we? Me, Pete and my wife, Karen.

A final case study: our friend of well over a decade, Anthony Swartz, was the first non-white commercial coffee roaster in the Cape Town CBD. Tony has a quaint little coffee shop called Anthony’s Golden Cup at 59 Loop Street, Cape Town. He has a website and a Facebook account, yet foreign visitors had difficulty finding his little store. I did my trick and, soon, just one of the GPS-searched photos had almost nine thousand views! A few times now, we saw how people from Denmark, Korea, Canada, the UK, USA…..walked in the door, still wielding the GPS! People who had visited ten, twenty years ago and forgot where it was. A Google website search did not help at all, but the GPS brought them to a freshly ground cuppa aromatic coffee, rated as the very best in Africa!

Why wait? Let the proven influencers bring the boys to the yard!

Simon’s Town Ideas

A little story about two journeys by Metrorail to the picturesque Simon’s Town. It adds to a previous blog post, this time a few more photo’s.  Information on two great guest houses, museums, restaurants.



Before denominations existed, Christians were of one mind. That is what we need to return to. It was only when (we) non-Jewish were added to the body, that all sorts of paganism was introduced into Christianity, thereby bringing division and dissension. Four centuries later, denominations started fragmenting this body of believers and, today, there are some 38,000 sects around the world, including that of Rome and Constantinople.

We should become one again.




Dis gewoon profesie wat in vervulling gaan, net soos wat Sondag se samehorigheid die voorteken daarvan was. Moenie te ontsteld raak nie, maar reik uit na die mense. Ek en my gesin is twee dekades gelede hierdeur en weet watter hel dit is, niemand het ons kom help nie maar eerder ons verdruk en verstoot. Twee in my gesin het hulle geloof verloor, die ergste is dat dit kerke is wat ons besoek het wat net mooi dieselfde aan ons gedoen het. Maak nie saak wie die kwaaddoener is nie, die pyn is dieselfde. Die wanhoop is dieselfde. Die opstaan uit die as met letterlik niks neem meer as ‘n dekade, bloot omdat niemand hand bysit nie. Leer hieruit, mense moenie hulle harte en beursies toesluit vir hulle wat deur ander se toedoen alles verloor het nie. Hoe jammer kry jy hulle? R50 jammer? R100 jammer? R1000 jammer? Is daar ‘n our rekenaar wat stof vergaar, ‘n tweede of derde motor wat jy kan afstaan, dalk ‘n tafeltjie wat jy kan opoffer? Gordyne, ‘n emmer en besem? Raak betrokke by die nood van ander.

Dis moeilik genoeg as jy alles verloor deur ander, dis nog moeiliker as die gemeenskap dan onbetrokke is.

Wees die eerste eeuse gemeente.

Toortsie, Kameel en Bokbaaivygie se blog

Saterdag het baie mense van ons land deelgeneem aan ‘n biddag vir ons land. Groot getalle mense het opgedaag by Bloemfontein, waar Angus Buchan die verrigtinge gelei het. Dit was egter nie al nie, orals in die land was daar gebedsbyeenkomste gehou, ook hier in die suide waar ek woon.

Die tema by ons gebedsgeleentheid was: ‘I’m no longer a slave of fear, I am a child of God.’ Ons sing uit ons hart uit, ons voel versterk. God is in beheer. Ek hoef nie bang te wees nie.

Gisteroggend kom die dringende versoek: Bid vir Lichtenburg. Gistermiddag laat, daar’s chaos in Coligni.

Ek besef skielik dat ek nog nie stiltetyd gehou het nie, my dag het anders verloop. In my bidboek bely ek dat dit so maklik is om saam te sing dat ek nie langer ‘n slaaf van vrees hoef te wees nie omdat ek Sy kind…

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Steenbokkie is a lovely game reserve

Steenbokkie is a private nature reserve on the outskirts of Beaufort West in the Central Karroo region of South Africa. The reserve covers in excess of eight thousand hectares or roughly twenty thousand acres.

Steenbokkie offers holiday and overnight accommodation in a variety of rooms and chalets, as well as a fourteen site camping terrain on lush lawns, shaded by huge trees.  We are also popular with corporate guests, church- and school groups. 


Steenbokkie is more than overnight accommodation. It is a haven for injured or orphaned wild animals.  It is no theme park and the farm itself is the entertainment we offer. Expose your children to nature, wild and domesticated creatures, in topography ranging from lush greenery to arid, rocky landscapes. At Steenbokkie, one can really go back to your roots and get in touch with nature. Night skies are ideal for star gazing and clearly marked hiking trails will take you into the austere beauty, the magic of Karroo landscapes. 

It is so easy to find us, just look at these maps:

Telephone +27 83 540 4573 & +2 782 202 2529  Email