When kids were sweet at school, some fifty years ago, we were rewarded with a little star on the forehead. There were different colours but gold was the ultimate.

Conversely, misconduct led to pain from a cane, or one was expelled from the classroom to the outer reaches of the universe, to contemplate one’s since until repentance was firmly rooted.

Now, let’s see. We have racism.
Black on black
Black on white
White on black
White on white
and, in between, a rainbow so twisted it could make a chameleon psycho.

Poets dedicate their talents to it.
Writers publish books.
Spiritual leaders look holy in their condemnation of it
Politicians become saints despite killing masses
Some even get Nobel prizes

Then the nation cherishes its heritage. It gives speeches, rallies to stadiums, even have a braai.

The outcast, like the Bard Cacophonix, are left outside the arena, in wheelchairs and with white inthungus. As if they have disability to repent from.

Shame on you, South Africa, for wearing a carefully tailored rainbow suit of hypocrisy.


V&A #Waterfront – Cape Town, South Africa



We celebrated our 30th anniversary recently and we still walk hand-in-hand, steal a kissy in public, we stalk each other.  Is a marriage hard work?  My word, then you don’t do it right!  It is a holiday and not a slaave camp. We don’t have gender roles, we don’t need “me time” as we both find that being close while reading a book does it for us.

There is Jesus in between us – hard to beat each other with Him in between, He is just too big!

Just go out there and be the one the other one always desired. It is that simple.

El Lions Conference Centre

It was Friday morning, the the 15th of September, 2017, as we headed out on the N7 highway, with very little traffic and the going was much easier than anticipated; time was around 8:30AM.


We were not rushed and drove at a leisurely pace to Philadelphia, where we turned left towards the West Coast and passed the historical farm Keert De Koe. This is where we saw the first of many man-made owl-nests. This stretch is just 4.7km. We turned right into the R304, the old road to Darling and travelled for 7.3km, passing through a leafy tunnel formed by huge saligna trees and turned right into Saxonwold Road. We passed the Waldorf school to our left and saw many more owl’s nests. The effort to re-establish owls is encouraging. Following this road, we entered another “tree tunnel” and promptly found El Lions to our right, after having covered 4,1km.

Arriving at the gate shortly after us, were Marius De Vos and Marinda Holtzhausen, who had facilitated the day’s educational visit. We passed through the electric gate and saw a few peacocks doing their prouncing. We parked under gigantic trees next to a large khoi dam, where we were introduced to owners Mario and Lona. We were surrounded by woodlands alternated by expansive lawns and grasslands, with spring flowers blossoming. The setting was picturesque and the two ladies, Karen and Niki, soon took to doing some photography.


As other guests arrived, we were introduced and invited to the lapa, a tented wooden structure made of home-grown saligna and hand-built by Marco. It did not ask but estimate that it can seat approximately seventy guests, maybe more. In the centre is a lovely built-in fireplace and in the one corner, a very neat bar counter from where we were served light snacks and coffee.

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We were then taken on a walk to view the facilities and were shown a number of 1-bedroom apartments, each with a sofa, kitchenette, bedroom with double bed, wardrobe and a bathroom with toilet, basin and shower, all very neat and presentable. Each has a two-seater wooden table outside.

From there, we went to the conference centre consisting of two one-bedroom apartments that can also be used as a two-bedroom apartment, with a lovely lounge, there are two bathrooms and two kicthens, of which one interleads into the fairly large conference room.

We also viewed the thirty stables converted into sleeping rooms with two double bunk beds each, a shared kitchen and his & hers bathrooms, each with several showers, toilets and basins. As in all the other facilities, wood sourced from the premises have been used, expertly crafted by owner Mario Baragona.

Finally, there is an indoor swimming pool, pool table and other leisure amenities.

El Lions is set in rustic woodlands covering 21 hectares and there is ample space for team building, mountain biking, quad biking, jogging and other physical activities. There are various braai spots as well as an amphitheatre with a plinthed fireplace at its centre – formerly used as a lunging ring for training racehorses. As someone remarked, there has to be a place where Khumbaya can be sung under a starlit sky.

Groups of twenty or more are welcome and El Lions would be ideal for church-, school-, youth-, cultural- and corporate groups for conferences, team building and training.


Facebook Weariness

Over the past year and a bit, I have been working as an unpaid volunteer promoting tourism in general and rail tourism in particular. I have very active accounts on Twitter and Facebook as well as an Instagram one. Tumblr just tumbled and Pinterest never had shown interest. 

I post straight from WordPress to Facebook and Twitter. As a result, I don’t need to be putting up with bitter people, negative to the core. 

Negativity rubs off. Rub it off

For now, I want to take a breather and make time for other things. I really miss blogging here but, moreover, reading yours. A year ago, there was a blogger named SaylwithPens who had such a fresh outlook upon life. Authentic, really. I miss that kind of honest blogging, from the heart, no candy coating. 

To do promotional work, I had to use Facebook for my FB Page. I still don’t know what the solution is, but setting up a proper website with SOE and its own #socialmedia accounts is a strong possibility. This could leave me writing to my heart’s content here. 

A topic of interest would be the Bride vs the Body of Christ. Quite relevant in these last days. 

Scaling down on Facebook may cost me readers here. So be it. I’m not here to gather an audience but to bring a message. 

Hope, forgiveness, salvation. 

Hypocrisy #Disabled 

We start out being politically correct but, through a process of progressive frustration, become adamant. 

A while ago, there was an altercation between a black woman and a white man at a branch of Spur Steak Ranches in South Africa. The restaurant manager handled it wrongly and whites rose to the occasion and boycotted the entire Spur group with devastating effect. Whites were quick to defend the white race. Spur bled profusely. 

Oh, the self-righteous Afrikaner, aided by other whites, made a stand. 

When mentioning disabled people, people get uncomortable immediately. Touch the Afrikaner and their is hell to pay. 

Like America’s selective action against dictators, Afrikaners are selective in fighting for human rights. This is unfair discrimination but few see this. 

Motorists – including traffic officers – have been seen to park illegally on disabled parking. When photos were posted on social media, almost everybody remained silent – except for a radio presenter riding a wheelchair herself. 

The current Police Minister in South Africa, has made various rather radical comments in the past, also in his portfolio as Sports Minister. Fikile Mbalula – Twitter handle  @MbalulaFikile – has not responded when a cop stealing disabled parking was reported to him directly. Neither did South African Police Services respond. As did no political leaders, be they ANC, ACDP, DA or EFF. Nobody seems to care for the plight of the disabled. 

Or, more likely, they lack the spine or the balls. 

It doesn’t end there, though. A minor boy was left unattended in the illegally parked vehicle, at Bayside Mall in Table View, where security is relaxed. In a country known for human trafficking, vehicle theft, hijackings. 

A cop deserting a minor child.

The cop, upon his return to the vehicle, was dressed in civilian clothes and also confrontational. 

My questions are:

  • Where is the Police Minister hiding? Or is he not man enough for his job?
  • The political leaders – are disabled people of any concern to even one of them?
  • The many newspapers, radio stations, even television stations showed no interest. Why not?
  • Afrikaner organisations known to drag all and sundry to court in the interests of justice, just aren’t interested.  They have really proved their point this time! Do they have integrity?

We went to another mall five days later, N1 City, also in Cape Town and found properly demarcated and protected disabled parkings – and for mothers with young babies. 

The baby bay. Great idea. 

Now I have another question to ask – is it the right thing to do, to steal her parking space, adding to her and her mother’s burden? What kind of spineless leech would do this? 

Would you be coward enough to steal her parking?

At Bayside Mall, within 90 minutes of taking the matter up with Management, they allowed this driver to show us what lowest form of life would do that. 

Now, if you, the reader have compassion, or even an ounce of integrity, do the right thing and make this go viral. Share it on every possible social media platform. Tweet this to @MbalulaFikile 

Thank you.