“What I know about myself is worth more than the opinions of fifty million”


Contrail – #chemtrails

Just a quick revisitation of this issue. Having spent a few days at an airfield where gliders are operated, I came to the knowledge that even engine-less aircraft can create these cloud trails around vortices at wingtips. I have sat in many an airliner, saw it happen in the right atmospheric conditions. Then I wondered how many conspiracies form faster on the ground than the clouds can form around areas of the wings.

A few things about chemtrails conspiracy theories that I don’t understand:

1. Where in an aircraft will there be room for such an extra load, which has to be fairly substantial? If the theories were true, please explain who pays for the extra weight? And where is it stored in a machine designed for optimum efficiency?

2. Weight shortens range, increases fuel consumption. Less pax, less revenue. Who pays for that in an already cut-throat, highly competitive private sector market?

3. Where, in a hyper-light glider would anyone fit a "chemtrail dispenser" and why? Yet these can and do create contrails.

4. Why need to spray the atmosphere if it would have been much easier to do this from high-rise buildings, factory chimneys, FM towers, etc.?

One cannot bring logic to a brain set to ignore logical analisys. Some will believe what they choose to, who refuse to by analytical and see things from all sides. Instead, they will see it their way only, remaining negative, neurotic and very, very sad. Or even bitter.

Such is the destructive nature of any false religion.

The Uncool Rude 

There is a meme going about on social media. It advises the reader (onlooker?) to be polite even when knowing there won’t ever be a need of the other persons involved.

As a disabled community, we have been subjected to very rude remarks and bad attitudes by some political “leaders” for no reason. Some have even been subjected to ridicule and cyber-bullying.

Such rudeness only serves to reward the instigator with the total disrespect of the affected or even with unpopularity from the site of the public. (Read: voters!)

I think that, especially people in high places, should have a guard in front of the mouth, as the offended could bring them down to the reality of life on the street. Respect those who had put you there in the first place, or ultimately leave in shame.

Getting Away #badleadership

They went hunting for weapons of mass destruction which we, here at the tip of Africa, knew did not exist. We could not believe the amount of political drivel people seemingly were swallowing hook, line & sinker. We thought the masses over there must be particularly dumb and, just maybe, we were right.

Oh, but then again, here on the home front, we get bamboozled by a notoriously corrupt leadership echoed by similarly manipulative opposition. Of course, most are actually great folks, many of who should have been at the top in the first place. Such is the intricacies of democrazy, however, that we usually see the fly in the ointment making it to the top, pushing the worthy ones to the bottom in the process.

And I think by myself:  this is a most wonderful world where the masses inexplicably allow those with forked tongues and ten heads to rule over us, get the better of us, while the ideal leader sits just a chair or two away.

Won’t we ever get discernment or know how to balance the scales?  It is said that God raises kings or destroy them, yet we have a role to play in that, which is why a prophet called Hosea lamented the situation as below:

Political and Cultic Sin
Hosea 8:4 “They enthroned kings without my consent!  
They appointed princes without my approval! 
They made idols out of their silver and gold,
but they will be destroyed!”

So, we see that all authority isn’t from God as man chose otherwise, man wanted Barabbas freed and Jesus crucified. They preferred King Saul over the Almighty God.

Just sometimes, our choice of popular leaders make no sense, really.  And maybe this is why we let bad leaders get away with it; we preferred them there, then rather suffer under an idiot instead of opting for a more suitable candidate.

Therein lies the downfall, the inherent failure of democrazy – as the majority rule is accepted, while every sane person know that it is very unwise to ever follow the herd.

Flawed systems that leads man into bondage.

Democrazy.  How apt a description that sometimes is!

Creative Writing #419scams

Jokingly, I always say that one should never marr a good story with facts or details. (While I prefer to deal with facts, not opinion, in real life, that is!)

Creative writing is so diverse and have so many aspects that one can never be bored when reading autobiographies, blog posts, etc. There always will be something interesting. Take, for example, H.E. Bates’ “The Darling Buds Of May.”  Or the various dog stories of Alf Wight aka “James Herriot.” Or Hugh Lasgarn, maybe the walkabouts of Devla Murphy or the country practice memoirs of Dr Robert Clifford.  So many good books to choose from, there was a teen on here who disappeared, sadly, as she posted off the cuff, SaylWithPens. And someone called DieWitHasie who had afforded me hours of pleasure, only to disappear and resurface under a new guise, but the antics of a white rabbit keeping an obstinate sheep in the African savanna was just unbeatable.  You can Bant yourself into shape with Toortsie or have beautybeyondbones. Each with a refreshing look at life, sometimes a bit cheesy, other times a bit serious.  or the Merritt-ed wisdom from Don, or maybe a few wise words from The Hairy One. Scribbledsubstance or even a dirty sci-fi Buddha. Gosh, as diverse as the colours in a box of Smarties. Most are talented writers, really great authors needing to escape the bondage of blogging to become published professionals.  Some already have, in fact.

Nothing, however, comes close to the sheer imagination, the almost fictional truth of a deposit box in my name, with some $10,273,817-24 safely stored in a vault in a country that has none. Long letters filled with legal jargon, detailed information of some lost treasure found by none other than the international chief of financial operations during his personal search through the imaginary vault.

The letter starts out rather well, but something happens about a third into the eloquent sentences. Spelling become bad, grammar suspect, with typical language errors that will take me straight to a specific region on my continent – as nobody else on this planet speaks like that.

What a pity, then, to repeat these wonderful letters that promise fortunes of magnitude, if only you first provide all your most sensitive personal and financial information, together with $47, so that the talented writer can afford a data bundle to hack your bank account with.

That such talent is wasted on scams and attempted fraud, that these writers don’t realise that using that talent to write a book, can actually bring them fame and fortune.  If it weren’t illegal, it would have been nice to post a few of them here, just for a (good) laugh.

I stand convinced that +419 has to be the regional code of LaLaLand

Keep Praying!

If you read this story, your heart surely will be touched. It just shows how terrible human leaders can be sometimes but also how faithful God is. Call upon Him in your hour of need and He will deliver you.