Who Is Jesus To You?

I read a tremendous amount of books and, since 2007, made my own study into how we came to have our own Bibles. And I stumble upon interesting facts, really not well-known.

At school or university, students get taught what the institution wants them to and this is often presented as the only full and absolute truth.

But is it?

Then I look at how Westerners relate to their supposed faith. Just this week, on state television, a presenter said that our former great statesman was Jesus to her and her friends. A mortal man taking the place of Jesus Christ, the Living God born into a human body?

In none of well over a hundred autobiographies were any of the authors in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. These people include some of the most prominent names in the world of famous authors.

A lasting impression of a Christ-less Christianity forms in the mind over time.

This brings me to Riyaaz, one of the many local Muslims who grew a beard and told me that he re-dedicated himself to seeking God’s will in everything. He took me aside one day to share a major concern. "Jesus wants to return imminently," he said, "it really is time for Christians to start obeying Him." Like most Muslims in my city, he has a notable reverence for Jesus, something sadly missing from the nominal Christianity around me.

Recently, a presenter on Christian youth radio programme on the largest Christian radio station in Africa, said that, to him, "Jesus was just a very good guy who once lived."

Jesus our Everlasting Father as defined in Isaiah 9:6, to correspond with John 1? Just a good guy? Is that what Christianity thinks?


Lensies Virrie Pensies

Deel van my bestuurstyl was altyd die moeilikste roetinetake uit te deel aan my luiste, intelligentste ondergeskiktes. Hulle sal ure sweet om dit eenmalig te outomatiseer en dus vir altyd min werk te hê. Oulik, né!

Dalk is ek nie so intelligent nie, maar wel lui as ek vakansie hou. En waar ek langs die diep blou see woon en Leeukop in my agterplaas troon, is selfs werk vir my ‘n vakansie. Sulke tye moet mens nie staan en kos kook as daar ‘n dosyn bont vlerkswewers oor Seinheuwel see toe sweef of as die son diep in die koue see wil wegsak nie. Mens moet daar wees om die groen vlammetjie te sien. En dit gebeur nie voor ‘n stoof nie.

Dis waar my slim, lui kombuisslaaf goed inpas. Ons het ‘n prutpot van ‘n hele 6,5 liter. In antieke Hebreeus noem mens dit ‘n slow cooker.

Neem sowat ‘n halfkilo tot kilogram lekker skaapwors en voer die prutpot se bodem daarmee uit. Bo-oor dit sny jy dan ‘n hele groot Australiese bruin ui in lang repies – moenie te fyn sny nie. Plaas dit dan bo-oor die worsie en sit die prutpot aan in hoogste rat.

Opsioneel kan jy ook vars gemmer oor dit rasper en fyngekapte knoffel oorgooi. Dis jou pot, kleur hom in. Ek gaan nie voorskriftelik wees nie, jy is immers al mooi groot.

Vat nou een of twee pakkies gedroogde lensies en was dit in ‘n bakkie met water. Vervang die water en laat dit bietjie rus om uit te swel. Sodra die wors houding begin kry en die uie lyk of hulle die uitstappie geniet – na sowat ‘n uur, kan jy nou kookwater by die lensies voeg totdat die water louwarm is. Voeg dit nou by die pot, sit dit saggies bo-op die ywe en bedek met lou water. Te warm of te koue water kan die erdepot kraak. Wees versigtig.

Nou plaas jy die deksel in posisie en gaan tel die walvisse, bekyk wilgerltlyfies, rem aan die bosgim se ysters of teug aan iets drinkbaars. Nuy Muskadel is ‘n goeie idee. Bly net lank weg, so twee of drie ure.

By die winkel koop ek gaar rys en gaan dek tafel op die stoep om by kerslig te eet. My meesgeliefde wyfietipe sal daarvan hou.

Die kos is nou net reg vir opskep en dis waar kerrie nou die herrie word. Een hele pakkie, of selfs twee, van Rajah se Matig & Pikant. Mild & Spicy.

Die kerrie word aangemaak in ‘n halfkoppie warm melk of room, met ‘n teelepel seesout daarin. (Pienk sout is ongesond en nie skildkliervriendelik nie. Dave Pepler, stem jy saam?) Voeg by ‘n eetlepel asyn, net soveel heuning of appelkooskonfyt. Meng goed deur en roer dit indie lensiebredie in. Sny sommer ‘n piesang in, nie te groen of oorryp nie en laat die spulletjie nog so 5-10 minute konfereer.

Skep nou op en geniet die luilekker ete. Wissel die metode – dis nie ‘n resep nie – af met worteltjies of ertjies en dergelike groentes vir kleur en geur.

Smaaklike ete vir 4.

Free WiFi

First, we cried Free Mandela. Next came Free Love, then Free Willy. Eventually, we see Free WiFi all over. The Millennial Creed.

Data is expensive, in my country at least twenty times dearer than even the worst in the USA. It stands to reason that socialmedia junkies will crave for free Internet access. There always is a quest for the cyberholy grail, Free WiFi.

These hotspots are very unsafe and are best avoided. A rat, meaning a hacker, may be lurking and inject malicious code into the wireless router. The router then will allow him access to any or all devices connected wirelessly to it.

Hackers now can take control of your pukka smartphone or other device, without you even knowing. He can access all your data, steal passwords, banking information and clone your ID.

You also put every person in your contacts at risk as he can now send messages to then all, maybe include a cute emoji that contains a spyware bot – voila! Your entire cyber community betrayed because you wanted a free ride.

In 2018, would you go down to the dockyards for a one night stand, using no protection? No, if you had any margin of sense, of course you wouldn’t. Why take your smart device down a similar road?

Practise a safe connectivity regiment. Don’t let your devices sleep around, promote cyber chastity and prudence.

God’s Privision Plan – Charity begins at home!

We read in 1 John 3:17 that seeing our brother in need, is a test of our true Godly love. This refers back to Numbers 18 where a fixed rule is set in that tithes, food mostly, had to be shared with clean people only. Unclean people were not to share in it at all.

When natural disaster hit on the other side of the globe, local churches were inspired by a Christian radio station to send millions of our currency, decimated by the unfavourable exchange rate, to a few hundred thousand US Dollar, to that nation both in cash and in kind. A lot of money was paid towards demurrage and little reached the intended recipients. An oppressive, aggressive government not even recognised by the UN or other nations, received a nice windfall.

The intended recipients who, to this day, vehemently reject Jesus Christ, decapitate pastors, oppress and even torture His believers.

What a waste of good resources while there were so many fellow true believers in dire need right on their own doorstep – literally. If these Christians followed the rules or guidance of their own Holy Bible, God’s own children wouldn’t have suffered so badly. God did provide for them, but churches stole and misappropriated it. Bad stewardship. They wanted to score points for Christianity by denying so many believers their legitimate legacy. It did come from a cultural grouping that would starve their own children to feed their cat – I have literally see this happen more than once. Hypocrates!

Charity begins at home, after all. His home, not ours.

How Cyber Attacks Come Disguised As Fun

Decades ago, the first computer virus was found on an Apple II. Since that day, things have changed.

About a year ago, I removed 722,922 computer viruses from a laptop running Windows XP SP3. The same machine was infected with over 1,500 malware bots. Soon after cleaning, after six or seven hard boots, Windows simply failed. I wasted no time saving its cyber soul with Linux Mint Cinnamon, a much safer, more secure and stable operating system.

The same owner has a Samsung Galaxy S6+ with a mind of its own. It will dial numbers or send out photos or emails, text messages, etc., randomly at will. Other malfunctions cost the owner money – serious money at that.

The culprit? An Emoji keyboard installed from Google Playstore! Said Playstore where 144 malware infections recently were found in apps.

Over and above emoji’s, GIF, JPG or PDF files that can contain malware, most free apps also contain Admob or similar Adware. These have very risky attrubutes as they may carry payloads that will root your device, voiding the warranty over and above allowing super user or administrator access to remote servers that may take control of your it. Malicious code can be inserted upon startup and access every single function and user data on your device. It can impersonate you and cause you incalculable damage. Only because you gave it the right to when giving it permissions during installation.

It also opens you up to a bouquet of cybercrime attacks. Over the past year, 8.8million South Africans fell victim to this kind of attack.

Emoji’s are popular attack vectors exploited by hackers, as are synchronising browsers across devices. I prefer using Slimjet Browser, even on the very secure Linux, as it is a hardened version of Chrome.

Forget about antivirus or security programs, these will most of the time only identify new threats after damage had been done. Become a cybersmart user and employ habits that keep you out of harm’s way. As non-secure as Wibdows is, I never had malware infections on my own machines.

Don’t download or open images, memes, not even entertaining videos people share on WhatsApp, etc. Don’t use WeChat unless you really, really have to.

Don’t click on links and don’t send shortened links to others.

Use good antivirus to scan emails, don’t rely on minimal scanning but set the application to only run full or deep scans.

Keep your software up to date.

Don’t download apps from third party sites but please also do not install just every thing that looks nice from Playstore. Remember the backdoors!