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HET JY GEWEET? In die konsentrasie kamp, meer as 100 jaar gelede, sit Anette Marais op ’n stomp en skud die stof van haar verslete klere af.
Rondom haar sit die groepie bekende gesigte van moeë vrouens. Net ’n paar tree verder is die hoë draad van die konsentrasie kamp. Sy slaan haar Bybel oop en begin lees. Sy het in die donker ure van die nag geworstel met God en Hom gesmeek vir ʼn boodskap om hierdie vrouens te bemoedig, want wie weet hoe lank nog . … ..
Anette lees die woorde van Matt 10:29 – “Is twee mossies nie vir ’n sent te koop nie, en tog sal nie een van hulle op die grond val sonder die wil van julle Vader nie.” Terwyl sy besig is om hierdie woorde te lees, kom sit daar ’n vaal klein mossie op haar skouer. Die groepie vrouens staar in verbasing na wat voor hulle gebeur, en so word die mossie, die teken van hoop in die onmoontlike omstandighede van die konsentrasie kamp in Bethulie. Dit was fantasties om in die maande wat volg te sien hoe die mossies van Bethulie ’n baken van geloof en hoop word vir hierdie vrouens. Op 21 Mei 1902 was die oorlog verby, Anette het op pad terug na haar huis gestop by ’n vrou met invloed en haar vertel van die mossie-boodskap, sy het dit weer oorvertel en Genl Jan Smuts het in 1923 die mossie op die land se kleinste muntstuk (kwartpennie) laat verskyn.

Amper 80 jaar later sit Jak de Priester in ’n park in Londen. Sy geld is op, hy kry nie werk nie, hy mis die meisie van sy drome en sonskyn en biltong. Hy slaan sy klein silwer Bybeltjie oop en lees die “mossie” boodskap en bid vir die soveelste keer vir werk! Vroeg die volgende oggend lui sy telefoon en dis die oproep waarvoor hy gewag het, hy spring op die eerste trein en begin met ʼn lang dag se onderhoude. Moeg maar gelukkig en met ’n permanente werk klim hy weer laatmiddag op die trein.
Toe hy inklim sien hy ’n muntstuk op die vloer lê, hy tel dit op, en daar op ’n trein in Londen hou hy ’n Suid-Afrikaanse 1c in sy hand, met ’n mossie agter op. Hy vertel dat die wêreld rondom hom gaan stil staan het, dat hy besef het dat God daar by hom op die trein is en dat gebed sy waarborg is in hierdie stukkende wêreld.

Vandag ’n paar jaar later, skud ek my beursie uit. Ek sit ʼn 1c neer vir my vriendin met borskanker, nog ʼn 1c vir huwelike wat sukkel, ’n 1c vir iemand na aan my hart se werks omstandighede, vir enkel ouers en weduwees, en ek besef die mossie boodskap is dalk net een versie in ’n dik Bybel, maar ’n Almagtige, liefdevolle God staan agter dit!
Here, dankie, dat daar altyd hoop is. Dankie, vir bakens langs die pad wat ons help om geduldig te wees, terwyl ons wag vir U, om op die perfekte tyd ons omstandighede te verander. Gister terwyl ek vir my kliente sit en wag en ek dieselfde boodskap vir my vrou gestuur het, het 3 mossies op my voertuig se voorste "bushbar" kom sit en het ek dadelik geweet ons Koning praat met my om my gerus te stel. Daar is niemand soos Hy nie en Hy sal altyd na ons kyk en ons versorg. Hy’s net ‘n gebed ver.

Geseënde "mossie" dag vir jou. Vrede vir jou. Deel met ander om te bemoedig en maak die Here se naam groot! Mag God Homself ook vandag op ‘n besonderse manier aan jou openbaar!

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A Different Drought

Imagine that. A drought of 21 years, no credit possible from the bank. How do you buy seed to plant?

Another thing – you had to sell your ploughs and tractors to pay the rent, now you can’t do farming. The family cow stopped giving milk, eventually had to be slaughtered. Same goes for hens that stopped laying eggs.

And your physical disability acquired along the way stopped you from tilling the land manually.

In the faith community around you, everybody turned a blind eye? How would that have made you feel? No neighbour stopping by with a loaf of bread or a pint of milk?

Do you know how many people live in such droughts all around us, scraping by on faith alone?

Living by faith alone – an academic, romantic concept. Until you try it out.

Faith isn’t talk.

Are you prepared to leave your home, car, money, career behind and literally walk out, not knowing where to next? This is what many missionaries have to do. It sounds romantic.

But is it? How many times can you chew bread to make it last?

Clinging onto a dead Communist

Someone recently doubted me and my wife’s faith in and relationship with Jesus Christ, the only leader with an empty grave. Instead, she chose to put her faith into a deceased Communist who, by definition, was an atheist. Choosing to believe in someone who is both dead and an unbeliever sort of defies the objective, doesn’t it?

Said person, in her blatant worship of the dead communist, refused to be educated on how he had ordered the torture and deaths of many, how he ordered two public massacres – deeds he never was even charged for. A comission of inquiry points at roughly eight thousand victims brutally killed, mostly tortured to death or even buried alive. Is this someone to hold on to “to have something to believe in?”

Such is humankind – we choose what to believe and truth is unwelcome. It makes us uncomfortable, so we choose to believe in idols instead. Human idols, modern day idols.

As the Living God, incarnate in the form of Jesus just doesn’t make the grade. We cannot hold on to him, we have to hang on to a dead unbeliever. Yes, they chose Barabbas over Jesus! Nothing has changed….now, if you then pray at night, how do you expect your prayers to be heard? On what basis will you find redemption?

My chosen Saviour rose from His grave, He healed people, provided for them, raised them from the dead. The exact opposite of what the dead communist idol did.

Choose who you will worship. Do so wisely.

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When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:

“Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance.

We know Your Word says, “Woe to those who call evil good”, but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

We have shot anti-abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem.

We have abused power and called it politics.

We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honoured values of our forefathers and called it

You Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free. Amen!”

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the
prayer in protest.

In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 of those calls responding negatively.

The church is now receiving international requests for copies of this prayer from India , Africa and Korea .

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on his radio program, “The Rest
of the Story,” and received a larger response to this program than any other he has ever aired.

With the Lord’s help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and whole-heartedly become our desire so that we again can be called: “one
nation under God.”

If possible, please pass this prayer on to your friends. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.”

Is Cape Town safe? Everything you need to know about the water crisis

The farmers saw the drought coming and sent out warnings, nobody listened. Their intimate understanding of signs in nature was laughed off by the “experts.” Sorry, climatologists frequently get it wrong. Listen to the right people, avoid disasters.

Also, Mayor Patricia De Lille was in total denial in the first quarter of 2017. She and Premier Helen Zille failed to implement water restrictions in good time, allowed water to be wasted.

Isaiah 53: Because Someone Needs To Hear It…

It’s not often that I just type up a blog post on a whim, but this seemed like more than that. Knowing that God’s Word does not return void, but accomplishes what it was sent forth to do, I’m just going to go ahead and share this chapter from the book of Isaiah.

Source: Isaiah 53: Because Someone Needs To Hear It…

Blaming Game Revisited #ThinkWaterCT

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– leading Author, lecturer, analyst and columnist. Responsible for major fraud investigations.


I’ve been asked a few times. So I’ve taken a bit of time to answer to save airtime and circumvent the inability to do so adequately on whatsapp or Twitter

So let me get this straight. #Drought #WesternCape #DayZero : This has taken me quite a while to figure out. Cape Town is facing running out of water. A major metropole. The implications do not affect Cape Town or Western Cape. The implications affect the whole nation.

Granted the citizens on the coal face are Capetonians but make no mistake the citizens of South Africa will feel the pain.

The Cape is a material contributor to the national economy. There are millions of citizens around the country who have family, relatives and friends living in the Western Cape.

What is staring a major metropole in the face is a reflection of what is and has been happening in increasing numbers of small and large towns across the country.

This latter fact has been largely ignored. Out of sight out of mind. Its out in the open now.

This water crises is about BULK water supply and who controls it.

That’s it, nothing more.

It’s about power.

Under law the Western Cape government can NOT supply BULK water. This means under law Western Cape Government cannot build dams or engage in any activity related to making provision for their own future water security.

Bulk water supply is the exclusive purview of the National Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation (DWAS) under a Minister in the ANC Government and this purview extends to every drop of water stored and supplied in BULK (Dams and one day DESALINATION PLANTS) in the whole of South Africa.

As recently as 14 December 2017, the Minister of Water Affairs sent a letter to Hellen Zille instructing the Western Cape Government, or advising if you prefer, that Government had appointed Umgeni Water out of Kwazulu Natal to come solve the problem by building a desalination plant in Cape Town.

The directive goes on to reference a site at the V&A Waterfront, the exact site earmarked by the Western Cape Government months ago in their emergency response to the looming catastrophe.

However in the case of the Western Cape Government response, their plans are in a far advanced stage, with EOI and tenders in some instances concluded.

Changing course now will delay the building of this desalination plant by months.

So what gives?

Well Umgeni Water is where Government redeployed Dudu Myeni after she brought SAA to its knees.

She is a master of obfuscation, dishonesty, deceit and deception.

The Ministers directive is meant to portray Government taking charge and coming to the rescue, when in fact it’s about who controls the capital expense and who gets the tender.

In October 2017 newspaper reports indicate Umgeni Water might soon be in need of a R3billion bailout.

Newspapers also ran stories regarding an interim Board being appointed at ’embattled’ Umgeni Water by Minister Nomvula Mokonyane.

Newspapers reported a letter to Mokonyane, lawyers acting for asset manager Futuregrowth accused the minister of illegally appointing Msizi Cele as both Umgeni’s acting chief executive and accounting officer; illegally replacing Cele with Thami Hlongwa in both positions; and giving herself the power to appoint chief executives.

Futuregrowth holds Umgeni Water bonds as Asset Manager for Old Mutual.

So let’s get this straight.

You have a patently tainted SOE dispatched with alacrity to solve a water crises by a Minister in a patently tainted Government controlled by a patently tainted Zuma cabinet in a Province controlled by an opposition party, in the greater interests of its citizens who voted against you.

A province that already has the distinction of having the only major metropole with its entire main line shut down. Another service under the exclusive purview of National Government provided by SOE Metro Rail and Transnet.

Imagine the SOWETO main line being shut down indefinitely.


I don’t think so. But that’s another story.

It’s about many, many things.

But really it’s about the HIV/AIDS pandemic and Government response under Mbeki. When we turned to beetroot and cabbage remedy mentality in response to a catastrophe that many suggest claimed 300 000 lives.

I strongly suspect it was the realisation of money to be made that shifted government policy from beetroot to condoms and ARV’s hence their obsession with the supply of former and latter with safer sex campaigns almost non existent today.

It’s about the demonstration of total contempt for the value of human lives.

It’s also about gross mismanagement, gross inefficiency, gross negligence, gross incompetence, gross ignorance, gross shortsightedness, ostrich mentality and State Capture.

Which in turn are all about who has the power and who controls the water once it starts flowing again because they will control the revenue and the province and with that a leverage of power.

Which point to deliberate and consequential political, economic and industrial sabotage on a devastating scale by the ANC central Government against the entire people of the Western Cape.

If you think of the current national government as some benevolent uncle you are deeply mistaken as mistaken in thinking National Government is dealing with the crises with any genuine intent, appetite or desire much less honesty, transparency or genuine concern for its people.

Do you really believe after years of scandals, of corruption, ineptitude and plunder the Government has all of a sudden turned some invisible corner?

After being fed a daily diet of bile, a diet of abuse of power, abuse of state, abuse of resources and revenue, of patronage, State capture and haemoraging economy by National Government are you still going to suggest this crises belongs anywhere else whatsoever other than on the shoulders of those who own it?

I think not.

If you think Provincial Government are getting any bi-partisan co-operation, to resolve this crises from Zuma”s government you’ve got flies in your brains.

The Western Cape is the potential trigger point for a hoped for and intended national disaster I am increasingly coming to strongly suspect.

Business Day, 29 January 2018 – “Cape Town risks having its municipal bonds cut to junk by Moody’s because of its water crisis.

“Two of Cape Town’s main industries, tourism and agriculture, are likely to decline [because of the water crisis], reducing employment, gross value added and tax income,” Moody’s associate analyst Daniel Mazibuko wrote in a research note released on Monday.

“Other effects include threats to public health from poor sanitation and, more generally, to social order, which is significant given Cape Town’s marked income inequality.””

What this is saying in a nutshell is that Cape Town as ground zero is potentially the epicenter of potential civil unrest which will start among the poor and spread to engulf the entire pininsula and beyond.

If ever the time and opportunity were present to fan the flames of anarchy, dissention and revolution in this country for the many being primed to hate by a post Mandela ANC, this is it.

It has the potential to prove the ideal recipe for state intervention leading to a state of emergency, the imposition of martial law and very possibly lead to wider civil unrest and even civil war.

All of this while Zuma remains in power and ultimate control of the ANC Government and supported by a minority by smallest of margin of most those belonging to the ANC Political Party.

So when next you read or talk about the crises in Western Cape ask your self who stands to lose most by not finding a solution and who stands to gain most by one not being found.

Then ask yourself who has the power to do something.

If the one with the power to do something also happens to be the one who benefits the most from infrastructure, service and delivery collapse, it stands to reason they have a conflict of interest.

It is a conflict that arises naturally out of the conflation of Party and State, where the political party sees itself as the State because they are the majority party in Government.

Which of course they’re not because we are after all a multi party Democracy.

The ANC furthers the aims of its supporters and State furthers the aims of the people.

There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that the crises unfolding in the Western Cape is in great part attributable to a corrupt and dysfunctional ANC.

There is little to sweet bugger all Western Cape Government can do about it except try alert people and do whatever they can to get people to use less water.

This in the face of social media campaign’s of ‘unknown’ origin openly encouraging the grand scale wastage of tap water to push the City of Cape Town over the brink and into total anarchy.

In my mind this is no more or less just another opportunity to open a new front in a political, economic and ideological war steeped in race based dogma and hate.

The sooner the people of the Western Cape realise how much they are despised and resented by their ANC government and the sooner they realise what their elected Provincial government is up against the better.

So thank all of you who’ve been asking for my analysis of late of the situation in the Western Cape.

After many attempts to answer on the fly and time it takes I decided to write it down so you and others who want can read it at your leasure.

Please if you think my analysis or hypothesis have merit please send to your friends.

Finally, vasbyt. Be kind to one another. Stand together and help anyone you can. Above all SAVE WATER as if your life depend on it. Start petitions and demand Central Government release your taxes to Western Cape Government to build desalination plants now and to fund other measures.

If it’s about control, Province can build it and allow Government to buy it back.

So stop shouting at Province and start shouting at Government.”

My comment:

A badly researched article and clearly biased.

He mentions Metrorail, a system that had worked rather well until student protests aka #FeesMustFall or #RhodesMustFall ruined it by burning more than one hundred carriages to ashes. Premier Helen Zille never even paid attention. When she did, it was to beat the victim, Metrorail, with a stick. She never did anything to help.

Such a pity Patricia de Lille said, less than a year ago, there was “no dire crisis.” Irresponsible conduct by the Executive Mayor.

Helen Zille realised the crisis by November 2015, ran to ANC Government in Pretoria, asking for money. At the time, who would have taken her seriously as there were not even water restrictions implemented at the time.

The pot calling the kettle black?

Gross negligence, even reckless management at all levels of Government. Did they plan this together?