Electric Vehicles Still Not The Answer Now #EV

Much of the global population live in developing countries where distances are huge and with very little in terms of public transport, be it by road, rail or air. Many are in income brackets where they buy used cars with, say, 250,000km on the odo.
Perfectly insane Europeans want to ban vehicles with internal combustion engines altogether. It seems that some attend university where they get spoon-fed with crazy ideas – lecturer and student alike cannot think. They follow ideologies that don’t even work on paper, let alone in practice. Just like the idiots who drive computing into the cloud, which does not exist for half the global population, they think that all live on flat surfaces near power outlets and, like themselves, live within a small radius from work & leisure.

Toys for the super rich?

“Neither Angela Merkel nor Gartner would hire me. Common logic, practical thinking is an obvious disqualification.”
The car in the picture was already being recharged when we arrived at work just past 7am yesterday. Eight hours later, it was still plugged in. It needed more than the allowed 3.5 hours. How about a business meeting on the other side of the city, meanwhile, without the option of public transport? Just 126km, shall we WALK?
A typical holiday or even business trip in my country could easily be 1,600km (a thousand miles), taking sixteen hours. The travellers will stay over with friends or relatives as hotels or guest houses are beyond their financial reach. It requires one, possibly two fuel stops of fifteen minutes each. Now apply this trip to an electric vehicle and see how dysmally that fails.
We live in a country with barely sufficient electricity to keep the lights on, as it stands. In rural areas, there currently is electricity for only a few hours per day but even cities with many millions of citizens each, had load shedding from time to time since 2008. You recharge a vehicle in fifteen minutes, let it run at 120km/h for eight hours, then we talk. Ensure that it can be recharged at the smallest hamlet and we talk.
But now over to total insanity. The same idiots wanting to ban internal combustion engines, build monstrous vehicles with up to sixteen cylinders, each producing enough power it seems,to counter the rotation of the earth when tied to a tree. Toys for the wealthy, three diff-locks, low range, a 6.3 litre bi-turbo engine with stump-pulling power and a price tag to drain the blood from your face – this is what some need to pick up milk from the mall. There must be a pothole in the road? Or the gent who paid so much for his red Italian sports car, with a dozen cylinders, who then is so broke after refuelling it that he has to visit McDonald’s.

Neverending recharging. Eight hours later…

Ban these things, we don’t need this indulgences. A car with its own private hole in the ozone layer – who needs that?  If you need that pukka 4×4, get one with a Diesel engine tweaked with a bottle of blue, as it mostly emits harmless water and nitrogen.
The medical profession can lend a hand here as well. It seems that symptoms of type two diabetes or the common cold can attract the verdict of depression. Maybe the crazy politicians can have their condition treated, along with some car makers, in institutions safely away from the societies they so threaten. Alongside the cloud gurus and engineers.
As anybody thinking that removing his pollution from his address, to filthily pollute the environment at a power station elsewhere, really is looney. Especially when he then thinks that he is saving the planet. Are they demon possessed? There has to be a tablet, injection or straightjacket that could help for that.

Nuff said.


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