A closer look at the Nikon Coolpix P900 #dpreview

If you are a blogger or a #socialmedialite, or just an enthusiastic photographer, Nikon has a really great camera for you – it is not a toy. Enter Coolpix P900.

It is king of the bridge cameras. A bridge camera bridges the gap between compacts and DSLR’s, nowadays also mirrorless cameras. It can do all the settings such as shutter speed, time value, aperture, white balance, etc., yet the lens is not removable. Instead, one like this offers 24-2000mm equicvalent to a 35mm camera. That is with optical zoom, add digital and it grows to 8000mm. Crazy.

It sports NFC which allows for wireless connection affording the user easy photo sharing but also limited remote control via smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, it has built-in GPS.

It isn’t ecactly cheap but presently can be had at around ten thousand South African Rand or roughly US$ 770.

If you, like I do, love cameras, take a good read at:



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