What to do with #GeneraztionZ

About a year ago, I took an on-line assessment for my It skills and was rated young enough to be Generation Z.

Yesterday evening, I sat installed in my regular corner at a coffee shop at the V&A Waterfront and a number of tourists from India took seats at the table adjacent to mine. I didn’t realise that they were watching me as I backed up data between devices, swapped SIM cards, employed various types of external memory devices and did it all on Linux Mint, not MS Windows.

After a while, I was confronted in broken English – the gent wanted to know my age. Not something a total stranger should be asking me, yet I was intrigued and told him my age. The group exchanged glances, nodded knowingly but were taken aback when I told them that I come from the days of pre-PC and my first OS was CP/M. That, to the new kids on the block, is the OS before MS-DOS.

Yes, I am the new Millennium Kid, the tech geek who drives smartphone sales “executives” crazy and hack deep into the innards of Linux and Android. In the past, I was quite fluent in anything Microsoft, Symbian60, BBOS, Mac OS X, OS/2……

The website said I was Gen Z.

At age 55!


4 thoughts on “What to do with #GeneraztionZ

  1. 🙂
    I must try that site. As an IT manager I put it all in the (private) cloud and replaced PCs with zero clients. I have been known to write posts and reports in markdown on a tablet, and process photos on a mobile phone.
    Of course Linux Mint is the norm at home.

    I turned 59 a month ago!

    Can’t keep a proper geek down!

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  2. Just love that…we also use phones and tablets for photo editing and, depending upon the camera, also to compose photos and control the cameras with. I don’t know if you saw my post on why I use Mint, but it is because we have no “cloud cover” in so many places and, as Windows is becoming a service-based cloud solution, we have to employ solutions that do everything local. Around here, we are light years from the ease and convenience of the cloud. You would hate it. Folks of our age must know ICT the best as we grew up at the prompt, not just swiping GUI’s. We still know the nuts & bolts. Just recently, an IT manager didn’t understand why the LTE antenna on a smartphone needed a bit of RAM to run…..they think that storage space and RAM are the same thing as well. Kids are klewlus. 😀


  3. I have frequently come across Windows “trained” techies, who haven’t a clue about the fundamentals.
    Interestingly I have made it a mission to identify cross platform apps (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android – don’t have Apple), which will operate in an online / offline mode. I’m too lazy to lug a laptop on our travels, so an iPad and Android smartphone have to do the job. Notably both UNIX derived!
    Also been monitoring and using 4G. It’s lousy in the UK, but improving (I live in the countryside). Great on the coasts of France and Spain and Santorini. Amazingly good in Vilanculos, Mozambique and the Durban area last year.
    We’re in Hermanus in a few weeks time for a few days, the Umdloti, so I’m interested to see how it performs.

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  4. Hermanus……we were there in June and realized that computing off-line has a place in this world, still, depending on where you are.

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