Electric Cars Not The Answer

It is like me cooking on my stove but the coal makes smoke in your back yard. Are electric cars really cleaner? Where does the electricity come from? Only from pollution sources elsewhere, of course! Let’s take a look:

– Fossil fuels cause terrible pollution, coal being used for electricity generation

– Nuclear is still the safest and cleanest if modern technology is employed. Uranium only needs to be excited 2-4% yet waste is active for longer than we would live, or our great-grandchildren’s great-grandchildren.

– Wind power is really only about 17% efficient, it takes tremendous resources to construct and they kill our larger birds, raptors especially. The worst is that they cannot generate power in gusts or strong winds. Also, an ugly source of spatial pollution. Lifetime is rather limited and they don’t generate power when wind is too strong or gusty. 

– Solar power is more efficient but still spatial pollution.

Electric cars need expensive batteries that cause terrible pollution during mining of raw materials as well as during the manufacturing process. These batteries have limited lifetimes and need to be replaced at great cost. Recycling also causes pollution.

Perhaps we should just drive less…….




13 thoughts on “Electric Cars Not The Answer

  1. Dis waar wat jy sê, elke energue wat opgewek word, miet uewers vandaan kom. Ja, ons moet minder ry, sê huerdie pendelaar wat weekliks heen en weer ry.

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  2. Daar is ‘n verskil tussen moet en wil. Ons is sestien jaar sonder ‘n motor en mis dit regtig amper nooit. Alles is binne loopafstand of openbare vervoer. Ons hetis baie duisende km onnodige ry uitgeskakel.

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  3. This very post has been in my own heart for years, I just never found the words to put it so eloquently. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  4. It reminds of the City of Cape Town whose MyCity buses, new as they are, are literally falling apart, yet they forsake essential maintenance in lieu of expensive new electric buses. It is the rave right now, what will it be by the next decade? Thanks for commenting.


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  6. Do more research on this subject, this is something the oil companies push so people will not buy electric cars. The entire automotive industry is headed in this direction and its not because they are more dirty. Many things can be done with those old batteries and the Earth is not being stripped mined for batteries either, there are so many methods to get these materials. Most people don’t know enough about electric cars, and the ones that make claims such as this, usually aren’t the owners or the people building them. Essentially, its those who cannot let go of gas or now absolutely nothing about electric vehicles period. As long as the oil companies can keep people buying gas they will continue to get rich. Besides we continue to dig for oil and frack, and this has been going on much longer. This is why I we must educate ourselves on things and not just go with what we think we know.


  7. I am not an oil company but a practical individual. You don’t know South Africa. EV’s are,a joke here, as distances are too long. Also, you bring me clean electricity – clean at source. The entire automotive industry has followed fads and fantasies over the past five decades. As predicted by me even as a child, these all failed. Billions of dollars were wasted on solutions that never would be practical. Also, produce batteries without creating waste, then we talk. You make assumptions about me yet you have it wrong. The automotive industry, incl that of Europe, are so stupid that they sell SUV’s in Africa but then don’t fit spare tyres. Don’t get me started on how very daft engineers can be. We have enough examples of smart ideas that only work on paper.

    A typical drive: my children rose early today, drove 1,400km in a few hours, in an infamous VW diesel, which was the new kid on the block just a decade ago. Today, nobody wants it. Their drive wasn’t extraordinary. Now you tell me how far they would have gone with an EV without being stuck without power.

    Use EV’s in city centres, leave real engines for where they are needed.

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  8. Oh, the clever Germans now invented a pickup truck for Africa. An engine in each wheel. Invention of RG le Tourneau, many decades ago. They boast how this will solve Africa’s transport solutions. 80km. Fifty miles. Totally useless. Idiotic. But their smart university came up with this. Use EV’s in congested cities but for much of Asia, all of Africa and Australia, even South America, look elsewhere.


  9. Good points here, and gas engines are old technology that we continue to use despite how bad they really are. The same excuse and hold back of EVs from the early 1900s is the same excuse or reason now. Range. But in all actuality, EVs were here first before gas cars, and people really enjoyed them. If we had contiued to work on this technology instead of making something that spews out exhaust fumes and makes noise, we would be so much further ahead than where we are now. Think of self sustaining cars, powered by itself and range not ever being an issue. This is the road we should have stayed on, and after 100 years or more we would have been there already. We can’t continue to keep using outdated and unclean means of transportation just because we have become so accustomed to it. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This is what we are doing with gas vehicles. I mentioned that there are other uses and life after these batteries are done. They can be repurposed and used again, they cabn be broken down and rebuilt again. If they are being wasted its because that particular company doesn’t care, not that is the only way to deal with them after there done. More can be done with them, whether we do it or not is the question.

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  10. More can be done with EVs I assure you, this technology will eventually catch up and surpass ICE.

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  11. It has to catch up first, become useful. As it is, useless in many countries. It really didn’t evolve much since Le Tourneau invented the electric engine within a wheel many, many decades ago. You said it: it will eventually catch up. Promoting it now, is premature. One can only sell oranges when you have them. Blossoms don’t make great marmalade.

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  12. OK, so power stations spew out horrible gases, nuclear power creates toxic waste as well. Wind turbines are highly inefficient, they cause spatial pollution and solar energy is perhaps the best solution. So focus on that, build the infrastructure. I live in a country where a flat tire can be fatal. A flat battery very much the same. You don’t want to be by the roadside.

    Telling people what can be done is the wrong way. Showing them is a better approach.

    My children covered 1,543km in 16 hrs 23 minutes. They only needed one refill in their 1.6TDi. Over that entire distance, which included two major cities and six large towns (up to 250,000 citizens, not a single EV recharging station. This is the same across at least almost all of the southern hemisphere, a place being much bigger than they appear on Mercator maps. People from developed countries really, really do not understand life beyond their privileged lives. Reality is out there.

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  13. Wow, a lot of work is needed there


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