The Unforgivable Sin

Some aren’t even aware of this, but there is a sin called unforgivable. It gets described as blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

There are so many interpretations but I have an idea how it works. God wants to have communion with us, relate to us, be friends with us. If we spend time with Him, we earn His favour just because the friendship grows. Of course, love is unconditional but favour requires relationship.

If we make Him feel bad, ignore Him, lash out at Him, or if we are pushy, demanding, arrogant, how will this further our relationship with Him?

But there is another angle to it; if it is unpleasant for Him to be around us, why would He want to be there? Slowly, but surely, we can cause a divide by being non-compliant, just as in any other relationship. If His efforts get a cold wash in the face every time, He slowly withdraws and the relationship eventually ceases to exist.

If we can do it to Him, we can do it to others. This is why Jesus, who is God, or His apostles such as Paul, Peter, James, etc., advised us extensively to live in peace with others, to let joy fill our hearts, not anger.

The Word also warns us to be careful about being friends with anyone with an uncontrolled temper. Along with that, the argumentative woman gets mentioned. Someone who stirs trouble in a household is already under God’s wrath.

We really need to be careful of how we treat others – or even God. It is really unwise to let our ambitions, moods and desires rule over us. We should be controlled by His Spirit.

The tongue is a powerful wrecking ball.


One thought on “The Unforgivable Sin

  1. Thank you for the wake-up call.


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