Split States

Around 2009, I had a dream or a vision. In this, the USA split in two from around Chicago to New Orleans, in broad terms.

It was a horrific sight. The entire area west was on one plate and the eastern area on another. These drew apart, exposing a void filled with red magma. Then, these two plates came at each other with force, forming a huge ridge when colliding. As it subsided, a second ridge was formed with a rift valley in between, maybe ten or fifty miles wide, who can say?

The two parallel ridges running from north to south divided the USA. The rift vally had many holes or sections exposing magma, or with hot gases escaping. It would be veeery hard to bridge the gap to build highways or railways.

In a second vision, I saw the USA as if ploughed under. Just building rubble, with only foundations and pieces of foundations above the ground, smoke and steam rising from the rubble. Hardly any sign of life.

There was a small remant but I am not at liberty to discuss what the Lord showed next.

I took this all to be figurative until a scientist from USA, Marian Tioran, told me about the Madrid fault line. Over the years, I noticed that others had similar visions.

As I am not American but from another continent, there must be a reason why the Lord showed me what He apparently have been showing others, if a recent Google search is anything to go by.

You make of this as you deem fit. I am just used to see things happen as shown, it happened hundreds of times in the past. It does take long, sometimes. Who knows…thirty or a hundred years from now?

My recommendation is to err on the safe side, have your spiritual business reconciled with our Lord Jesus.


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