In 2016, she said that, if #disabled people voted for the DA, the DA might consider looking into accessibility issues at Cape Town Station. This, after CoCT closed the ramp from Strand Street Concours leading up to Cape Town Station. At the same time, the escalators owned by Golden Acre and Old Mutual have been out of order for months, if not years. Same ad the ones in the Grand Parade, serving the Post Office.

Because of lack of co-operation from Patricia de Lille, Helen Zille was politely requested to use her influence. She responded in an arrogant way, became a cyber bully, supported by an evil group of supporters. When a letter was presented to set the matter straight, she simply refused to apologise.

It is a disgrace that a premier takes such a stance, unsolicited and uncalled-for. One would have expected at least a little bit of empathy but was met with arrogance and ridicule.

If only she was lady enough to apologise….I took the mattervto the DA but was ignored. Do the DA serve our disabled vote?! I really doubt that. They were quick to act when race came into play but didn’t care a hoot when the disabled were brusquely trampled underfoot.

Are disabled people such a burden that their constitutional rights get taken away from them? Is it fair to respond to statements about colonialism yet be content with mistreating and ridiculing the disabled?

This was worse yet nobody cared. Insulting the disabled of Cape Town was no sin? Did she apologise when proven wrong, then? No! Did the DA care? No! Did it bother society? No! Yet over perceived racial comments, all hell breaks loose. I see double standards, different rules for different folks. Our society is rotten to the core for being such hypocrites. As long as disabled people get treated like worthless dung, trampled underfoot, oppressed, there is nothing good about society. A nation’s integrity is measured by how they care for the elderly, frail, disabled, needy. Zille was given a golden opportunity to bring about positive change but responded with sheer arrogance, bullied the person. O, that didn’t cause an outcry? Instead, her team of bitches joined the frenzy of beating an indigent disabled into the mud. Until he proved them wrong. Did Zille or anyone else apologise? No! Of course not! Sorry, I lost my respect for your unrepentant idol. The DA sinned in not even responding when the matter was taken to them. The message is clear: Zille & the DA have no love for or loyalty towards people with #disability.

That is scandalous.

Finally, an indigent person living with disability effected the change. Who has shown commitment, leadership? Who saw it through successfully? The person who was called "clueless." That’s who!


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