Southern Line – Albertyn Road Delays

Metrorail commuters are all by now aware of delays caused by damage to signals equipment at Albertyn Road level crossing at Muizenberg. This has affected train operations significantly as only one train at a time can be allowed to operate on that line, for your safety. A single authorisation is given to the singular train, which will travel all the way to Fish Hoek, where it will terminate (alternatively to Simon’s Town if there isn’t sand on the tracks). Once there, the train will return to Retreat where it had originated from.

This means that the rail service is limited yet functional. We as commuters are also being inconvenienced and this is so because the driver of a vehicle was mischievous in causing so much damage that equipment needed to be imported from abroad, a time-consuming exercise.

So much more reason for people to adhere to safety regulations and not take stupid risks.

Look for trains!

Disclaimer: I am an independent travel blogger and neither paid or employed by any railway company.


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