Stop Abusing Them!

#NotInMyName So many men get silently abused, discarded, exploited by abusive women. I became aware of this while attending a men’s congress at Mabula almost thirty years ago. Ever sonce, the one-sided assault on men has had me confounded. We met a young lady with two kids recently while visiting a young couple who also have small children.

The young lady is around thirty, yet many 18-year old girls can only dream of her external beauty.

Inside, it is a different story. She is getting divorced and already on dating sites. Her husband loves her, wants her to stay but her pride, ego, cold heart and egotism shines through. She is also interfering in the marriages of others.

This is sheer violence, think if the pain she is also causing her little children and how she is poisoning their minds.

And the loving guy, of course, gets both the blame and the bill. Another broken man.



2 thoughts on “Stop Abusing Them!

  1. Klink my dis aan die toeneem?


  2. Hoe sal ‘n mens weet? Mans erken nie maklik dat hulle ‘n slagoffer is nie, maar begin eerder drink of gaan hengel. Skop die hond of ry Kongo toe met die Landcruiser. Dis hoe mans dit hanteer. Praat? Nie sommer nie, maar die meer moderne man sal dalk. Daarom mag dit lyk of dit toeneem; dalk is dit ‘n kombinasie van die twee.

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