When I started lobbying a year ago, people looked at me as if I was mad. I am used to that, as I usually see things coming before most do. In Cape Town, water restrictions came way too late.

In my view, the CoCT were nothing short of reckless in how they managed our water resources. They did not always execute repairs on their side; someone is said to have reported a fire hydrant repeatedly for well over a year, with no action taken. Similar stories do the rounds on social media, all telling of gross neglect by CoCT. Then, old age homes apparently were exempt from Level 3 restrictions and watered their gardens with hand-held hoses. I know of one that was doing this twice weekly, four hoses, 90 minutes per watering session, resulting in an estimated usage of around 86KL. In my household, this would have served us for at least 40 months, more likely fifty or more.

We are water misers. Washing with a wet rag, using about half a litre per person per day to wash. Very little for cooking; we ate bread, pies and fruit, to avoid wasting water at home, also drinking tea and coffee was restricted. To see then how people water gardens obviously had us a bit antagonised. They just said that CoCT exempted old age homes, so we had no leg to stand on. Perhaps it is time for a total change of leadership as some simply cannot see straight – this is just one example of the illogical, irrational and careless way of managing the city to the detriment of its residents.

Why can a city council be allowed to gamble with the lives of well over four million people in this way, why did the provincial or even the national governments not intervene?



  1. Skokkend. Erg ontstellend. Bekommerd!


  2. Ons water begin opraak en die wolkies op die weervoorspelling skuif net vorentoe…..

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