Convenient ScapeGoat Metrorail

We lost everything due to the Metrorail strikes of April 2016, eventually even our home. We cannot, however, blame Metrorail as they were as much a victim as anyone else. Read for some perspectives!

My note to Tammy February in response to her article on #Metrorail

“Your article is biased and really badly researched! It is adding to the problem instead if fixing it. (You can read her article here)

I have been using Metrorail since 1987 and have been stranded once, ever, my wife twice. That was when outsiders attacked trains as part of the #FeesMustFall and #RhodesMustFall protests. A third time, we had to disembark and change to another train when #ZumaMustFall protesters so badly damaged a train that it had to be terminated.

Metrorail gets some R5 subsidy per passenger, compared to MyCity’s R22.50+ as reported to me by a senior(MyCity) officer a few years ago already. MyCity’s subsidy could be more by now, of course. It is MyCity, however, that causes people to walk on a daily basis, not Metrorail!

With an average of fifty acts of vandalism per month, trains gutted by rioting protesters, arsonists and the like – not related to Prasa’s service delivery – and then without support from Treasury, how do you expect Metrorail to operate? Add to this the fact that some eighty per cent of passengers board illegally, become very violent when confronted, can you imagine the cash drain? Security companies and SAPS are simply not strong enough to control the masses – military intervention would be the only possible solution. Imagine the cash drain – blame it on a criminal society, not on Metrorail! Please do some PROPER research before publishing opinions, fist get the facts! Yours was really very bad reporting which I strongly object against.

Signals equipment get stolen as trains just passed, we have seen this a few times. The next train then gets delayed for 40-50 minutes, as that needs manual authorization (same as aircraft from ATC) for every sector that it moves into!

Metrorail in Cape Town has been automated for decades; their systems aren’t designed for manual operation, there aren’t enough staff, either, for obvious reasons. You sound so smart, now come try run a public service under these conditions. You will fail within the first few seconds!

Most staff at Metrorail bend over backwards, they give their everything, they are tenacious and resilient yet gets flak from all over, especially from wet-behind-the-ears, opinionated reporters who had done little to get to the truth! I am retired and have been a competent person in my career life, worked in both public and private sectors, including enterprise. never have I seen such a will to succeed than I have seen at Metrorail in particular and Prasa in general. If Lucky Montana mismanaged funds and was corrupt, don’t paint all at Prasa with that brush.

Go do your job properly, go investigate the arson, sabotage, the criminality of passengers, then write a report on how much under siege Metrorail is – a tiny ship with torn sails fighting the perfect storm, yet doesn’t choose to just give up and founder. Report truth, not opinion.

It peeves me that everybody has an opinion but few seem to actually have any real knowledge!”

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Prasa/Metrorail, I do not speak on their behalf and I am not paid by them.