Leave Jesus Out Of It

Social media guru encourages people to join, post things she perceives as inoffensive to all. This morning, a post caught my eye. It said that Google doesn’t have all the answers, sometimes one has to meditate. So far, so good.

Meditation can or cannot be silent prayer, situation dependent.

I then posted a comment stating that my Bible never failed me; no 127,543,812,736 results on 0.01837 seconds. Instead, one acutely relevant verse or part of Scripture. It will be to the point.

Soon, another Tweet followed, outlining the rules for the usual Sunday frenzy. Even calls for more moderators to participate. Oh, someone was offended because I mentioned the Bible. Go meditate, dig into your own guts, just don’t depend upon the Creator, Living Word Jesus Christ for guidance.

And the fool says there is no God. So Jesus just gets left out of it.





2 thoughts on “Leave Jesus Out Of It

  1. Ek kan ongelukkig nie vir Jesus uitlaat nie, dan moet ek myself ook maar uitlaat.

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    • Ek het myself seker baie ongewild gemaak op Twitter omdat ek vir Jesus opgestaan het. Dis bogsnert dat sogenaamde Christene ten allle koste altyd almal moet tevrede stel. Ek het uiteindelik die groot guru, wat MY gevolg het (!!) gaan “mute” maar nie geblok nie. Ek wil net nie verder Jesus op die agterstoep laat sit terwyl almal in die voorhuis kuier nie.

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