Camera Shy Mall Rats

Two million people visit a top mall in Africa every month, on average. They take countless photos, using smartphones with incredibly powerful cameras. Some use two or three rear cameras to assist with depth of field, etc. Focus uses accurate laser technology. Wide-angle lenses on 24mm sensor, f-stop of 2 or 1.8 not uncommon.

Pretty. Impressive. Powerful.

I have yet to see a security officer reprimand​ anyone for taking photos with a smartphone. However, they do see danger in a little Canon Powershot A810 compact camera, which is by no means a match for the cameras found in higher end smartphones. To the management and security staff alike, a photo taken by a smartphone poses no security threat but o e from any form of conventional camera, from compact to DSLR, have them rushing to restrict any tourist camera and not a smartphone.

Please look at the incredible specifications of the camera built into this Sony Experia XZ smartphone. It should really scare the security officers out of their wits, yet the form factor consoles them.

We need to learn to see things for what they are, not as we perceive it.

If you were confronted in a mall for taking an innocent tourist photo, please do comment below.


5 thoughts on “Camera Shy Mall Rats

  1. It just makes no sense, does it? I mean, it’s obvious that security guards are not tech savvy to begin with, for the most part, but by now I thought everyone knew that smart phones are way better cameras than an actual camera, lol. Here in America, you can be ARRESTED for taking pics of certain things in certain places.

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  2. If they had to arrest at least half of the two million visitors to the V&A Waterfront every month, we’d have the biggest prisons in the world. It is just so crazy, it is a huge mall, a prestigious world-class one at that, set in a working harbour.

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  3. Wow! With live music events and everything? Yes, I think calling it crazy is about right. Has no one brought this issue to the forefront previously? Well, obviously not, I suppose, but it should certainly be looked into.


  4. Well, I did give them a piece of my mind today and asked them to start thinking straight. Which is when I was asked if I was using a tripod. A tripod? Now what difference would that have made? Photography is about exposure, composition, etc. I don’t see a tripod change anything!

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  5. That’s outrageous! I sure hope something changes there.

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