Loss of Memory

We finally had an oppurtunity to travel on one of the most luxurious trains in the world. It had taken me 43 years to be doing this.

I went armed with a Canon EOS 700D DSLR camera to which a fairly new Strontium Class 10 microSD card was fitted. After we had been traveling for some two hours, during which time I must have taken well over a hundred photographs, the above mentioned memory card simply failed.

My Linux operating system would not mount the device and neither could GParted recover any data. The Financial Manager on the train tried same on his Windows-based Thinkpad laptop, to no avail.

Eventually, the device had to be formatted, ensuring loss of precious photographs. I don’t know if I ever will be fortunate enough to travel on that opulent train again, meaning that the loss of so many photographs is severe.

Needless to say how peeved I am.

If one has a camera with wireless networking capability, it may be better to uppload media in real time to a wireless pocket storage device. Be sure to back up that portable device to a laptop or other mobile device regularly, just to be on the safe side.

I had eight Sandisk memory devices fail on me in one year. It is only Transcend USB flashdrives that seem to last. Perhaps the actual memory chips come from either Toshiba, Samsung or LG, yet the control firmware or even physical construction may turn apples into pears.

My next camera equipment will need to be utterly robust and reliable. It also need to offer wireless networking (WiFi being a specific, branded protocol.) This is not negotiable.

A photo opportunity only ever happens once.

Capture it.

Then be sure to keep it.


6 thoughts on “Loss of Memory

  1. Oh my! That is devastating. I would be more than peeved. I would cry, I think. And of course, vow to do the whole thing all over again. My “stupidity” caused me to somehow unknowingly mute my camera while in Disneyland in Anaheim and I recorded almost the whole Kiss Good Night… did you know that the fireworks and all the visuals are not the same without the music and the narrations that go with them. I therefore have to go again. So, I understand your situation. Luckily, going to Disneyland Anaheim isn’t that expensive as my plan is to actually visit all Disney resorts.

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  2. I religiously make manual back-ups every night but this happened in between.


  3. OUCH! That’s painful.
    I carry a card for each two days away. Offload them, and back them up when I get home and the format them (NEVER delete / chimp a card). That way a failure is simply a matter of putting the card away for later and inserting another card.
    After issues on some serious photo shoots, I always have two cameras in action. When travelling the “other” camera is my mobile phone.
    Interestingly I only use Sandisk Extreme cards, with no failures to date. When I made an exception, with a Sandisk Ultra it failed!


  4. I have a number of cards as well. Two are 16GB Sandisk Class 10’s. One sits in my tiny Canon Powershot A810 which was with my wife half a kilometre away on the other side of the train.

    One can have twenty cards but if the one you’ve been shooting with for the past two hours fails, you are just lost. That is where a real-time wireless backup can save much heartache.

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  5. Ek huil nou nog oor baie spesiale foto’s wat ons een keer verloor het met ‘n gewone ou mik-en-drukkie toe hy net skielik gevries het.
    Tegnologue kan net só ver vertrou word.


  6. Rolf Harris wat vinnig skilder kon ‘n oplossing wees…….

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