Salty Sea Dog (review)

Often, we read food- or travel blogs, where the author creates the impression to have been at a certain place, only to instantly appear on the other side of the globe minutes later, as if by magic. When I write, it has to be Awethentiq©

I never write, for instance, about what I have not experienced. At Salty Sea Dog, my family and I had dined many times and this really is something that comes naturally. When I called to ask if the owners would agree to me doing a review, I did not know that another very salty sea dog was about to emphasize my experience.

A Live Salty “Sea Dog”

The “salty sea dog” in the picture may be something different yet its poses depicts the mood at Salty Sea Dog, an informal, beach style restaurant & fully licensed bar at Simon’s Town. Like the “salty sea dog” not wanting to leave for home, there always is that reluctance terminate the stay.

Situated almost right at the water’s edge, the old fish market has a rich history.  This is so much in keeping with its setting within the Simon’s Town Historical Mile.

A Wee Bite Into History

However, let us meet the Salty Sea Dog now. This is where fresh seafood is prepared and served.  They also have a take-away service if dining in isn’t your preference.

Room With A View!

And the views are splendid!  From grey naval vessels to black submarines to everything that floats meet the eye. I always enjoy a cold winter’s day, or a windy one, as the perspective upon the world on another planet is quite comforting. One feels aloof, remote from everyday life once seated.

If A View is Required, This Should Do?
Informal, Easy-Going

So what is the food like?  Oh, I can tell from personal experience that it is great, but rather feast with your eyes first!

Hake & Chips – Salad Alternative

You may just as well have a little thirst quencher while you are there, as you can see, the bar is stocked.

The Salty Bar Invites

Don’t forget those Take-Outs!  This can only be good……..

Fish On The Run

As can be expected, a great experience is told about best when you have taken a selfie………

Gotta Get That Tee!!

And remember what Salty Sea Dog is About, let us just recap a bit.

Truly Salty Sea Dog!

Find directions here

Need a ride?

And don’t just shrug off a Salty Sea Dog!  I could stay for much longer, you?


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