Anxiously Stressing Worriedly

Standing on a railway station and the train is delayed by 128 minutes. If I get angry or frustrated, how will my energy speed up the train? Of course it cannot!

Deciding not to become upset is essential for self-preservation and good health. It is a cognitive decision.

You have to decide how to respond.

Of course, you are welcome to get yourself worked up into a stupor. Throw a temper tantrum. Then show me how that had helped speed up the train.

In life, there are bigger problems to deal with than a delayed train.

Don’t worry. Change what you can. Leave the rest to God, He can take your burden.

I say this from a hopeless angle, not comfy in the lap of luxury, I am no armchair preacher.

Let go.

Let God.

Have a life while He solves your problems.

Don’t worry, be happy.


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