A Practical Self-Definition

It was around 1985.

My friends were into motor racing and also played in a rock band, over and above having regular jobs. I worked in the financial services industry but acted as spanner boy and sound technician.

Of course, these activities resulted in long hours spent in man caves. One friend’s wife diplomatically yet firmly requested the painting of her kitchen’s walls. After a few months, maybe a year, the request became a demand accompanied by the sanctioning of certain services. It was time to get the kitchen painted but nobody had time to do it. There were car engines to rebuild, guitars to be played. A man does have his priorities.

I came up with a solution. Since there were always cars being resprayed, I almost insincerely suggested that we should just use a spray can to spray paint the kitchen.

On a Saturday morning, we sent the ladies to town with enough money to keep them occupied in retail for a while. Out came the masking tape. Shelves, drawers, cupboards were emptied quickly. We did not waste time powering up the compressor. In no time, the kitchen was resprayed.

Why am I telling you this? Simply because I need to demonstrate that I am an anti-conformist. A visionary who effects change. An alternative way of seeing things from different angles.

Where someone sees trouble, I see oportunity.

Life looks better from a different angle.


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