#Ubuntu An Analogy that fits.

This is not a lecture in IT but rather a message regarding your own personal life; the IT here is just to serve as an analogy with some click bait for geeks.  You will not need to click on any links to get the message, but rather read on.

This word is pronounced ooh-booon-too and it comes from the Nguni languages of Southern Africa.  It can be interpreted as “together we are one” or maybe “humanity in unity” or even “we are community” and it toes in with our philosophy of “it takes a community to raise a child.”  Yet the best way to translate “ubuntu” is to say “I am, because we are.”

It also is the brand name of a certain free and open-source computer operating system that has always been FREE and always will be.  I myself am using a refined version thereof, called Linux Mint Cinnamon. It comes standard with a whole lot of FREE software ranging from the MS Office compatible Libre Office as well as Mozilla Firefox browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email client as well as host of other applications such as graphic imaging, PDF document readers, among others, as well as access to a repository of about half a million free programmes from games to engineering to financial management to almost anything you can think of.  They have you covered!


Ubuntu was created by Mark Shuttleworth who also was the first African in space but is better known for his pioneer work in Internet Security and the Thawte corporation.  Mark brought us Ubuntu after he came back from space.

While it is free and, at user level, the most stable, secure operating system with everything you will ever need. It has the very best protection against malware, of all operating systems, although nothing ever is 100% secure.

Linux is not more safe than Mac or Windows because it has a (perceived) smaller global footprint, but because of how it works.  The Cloud runs mostly on Linux, it is used to crunch the blockbuster movies you are watching and it powers more than 98% of the world’s supercomputers including the top one, Sunway TaiHu Light.

Many other things run on Linux.  A short list, by far not complete:

  • Home appliances such as VCR/PVR/TV/DVD devices, fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.
  • Automobile engine management systems or the “black boxes.”
  • Traffic control systems
  • Flight entertainment
  • Android!!
  • WiFi routers, networking equipment
  • Wearable devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Hadron Collider
  • Nuclear submarines, military equipment, etc.

Linux affects every aspect of your life even when you are not aware of it.  Why so few people are still using it, is illogical as it is free and very easy to use. It is compatible with almost all peripherals such as modem dongles, printers, scanners, etc., 95% of the time not even requiring drivers installation or configuring.  For instance, things that simply won’t work on Mac will work immediately when you plug it into Linux, such as various HSDPA modem dongles that I own.Installation and even learning to use it is wayyy easier than jumping to Windows 10 from older Windows even!

Jesus Christ came from space, born through a woman and brought us salvation for free. His Spirit is there for every application we may need in life and He affects our lives in so many ways we often are not even aware of. He is the driving force behind the largest religion in the world with about 2.4 billion followers.

Linux Mint, based upon Ubuntu, is the world’s third largest operating system after Windows and Mac OS X. Even so, most still choose not to use what is virtually all they will ever need, but choose to be in the bondage of closed proprietary systems.  Unlike the secret digital source code of Mac or Windows, the source code of Linux is readable in plain text. Just like the operating system for humans, the Word, the Scriptures, the text.  It is not in the secret occult (obscured, hidden).

There are some 300+ versions of Linux, called distro’s, short for ‘distributions’ just as there are maybe 38,000 church denominations, yet all proclaim Jesus.

People choose the hard way. Just like Mark Shuttleworth brought us Ubuntu, Jesus brought us Salvation.  If people do not load the Ubuntu software, it is not because Mark do not care for them.  It is their free choice, despite the many millions he had paid from his own pocket to even send CD’s for free, delivery charges included, as even I received a number from him, through his organisation Canonical.  Jesus brought is the canon, the Scripture, as He is the Living Word.  All we need to to is to choose Him, choose eternal life. We need to have our minds renewed by uploading a new operating system, simply by reading the source code, the Bible, in plain text, line for line, just like one could read Linux (if you wanted to.)

Just as we have HELP files in operating systems, in Linux many times called “manpages”, we have such MAN-pages for humans, that covers every aspect of life and that has an answer for every situation.  Got stuck with a problem?  Open your MAN-pages and read!


If you decide to do it the costly and difficult way, it is not because Jesus did not love you as He already bought you back from death, but it is you needing to accept Him.  If you reject Him, it is your choice to be condemned to a very real Hell eternally.  He sends nobody there but they choose to go!  Which, unlike computer code, would be very illogical.

Not choosing eternal life would be illogical.  Jesus sends nobody to hell yet they choose to go!  Why??





18 thoughts on “#Ubuntu An Analogy that fits.

  1. It’s true! Amazing how much Linux control’s our whole world in the background, huh?!

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  2. Almost nothing doesn’t run Linux in one way or another, yet people oppose it. How ignorant most are! In the very same may, the Spirit of God is in the background, affecting our lives when we don’t even know it, yet we choose proprietary religion that brings bondage like Apple and Microsoft do! Man is a willing sucker for punishment.


  3. However, knowledge is power – most are lacking it – and can’t change what they don’t know is even wrong

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  4. Which is why you and I are are here, blogging away, so that others can see the light, right? Thanks for reading and your comments. I have, for the record, installed the Ubuntu-based ElementaryOS on an 8GB microSD and it runs super smooth. I have also installed Xiphos Bible on it, for doing Bible study. As my rig only has 2GB RAM, I made a 1GB SWAP partition on the hard drive – the laptop doesn’t belong to me and its hard drive is about 97% full, leaving me too little space to install Linux alongside Windoze 7.

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  5. Somehow I feel compelled to guide others to the light 😉

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  6. Love wants so share love and light wants to drive away darkness. Continue on your good path. Bring Truth to the lost world, be it in society or cyberspace.

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  7. Did you try OCTA? Crazy hard but fun and addictive game.

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  8. I won’t ever try games, it is just not who I am. There is real life to be lived instead. 😀


  9. Interessante vergelyking. Soos jy sê, dis ons elkeen se eie keuse waarheen ons gaan.

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  10. Ons kan slegs kies as ons die feite het, maar wat ons gegee word om te lees, is iets anders. Dit het alreeds by Marcion begin skeefloop aan die einde van die eerste eeu.

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  12. Bandwidth a bit limited might take a few days

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  13. I certainly don’t mean to create any hardship, you take your time, sir.

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  14. Thanx 😊


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