Should a Christian drink alcohol?

Wine – An excellent testimony that will hopefully touch someone out there. 

So many former special forces servicemen in my country, despite being reborn Christians, hurt so badly inside because of what they had experienced fighting the communist invasion beyond our own borders. Most are men with good hearts but cowboys don’t cry, so they kill their enemy. The hurt within, the sorrow, gets drowned. They torture their pain by keeping its head under the surface. In a glass of brandy and Coke. One has a little tea garden in his backyard. Only thing is, he doesn’t brew green leaves but inhale the smoke of his. And it is different from the Chinese leaves.   
Can I judge them?  I don’t drink or smoke but dealing with a presence of 43℅ communists in parliament today, people slowly killing a once developed nation, is not easy. Since I was a little toddler, the battle was always on.  
So, if some of the best, bravest soldiers on this planet have difficulty coping with pain, can we judge anyone else who is “negative” and shun them? Anyone in need around us need the group’s protection.  
A civilian woman, not taught to do battle, not as alert to enemy attacks, is just so much more vulnerable. If I had touched alcohol during my own hardships, chances are I would have been an alcoholic myself today. Doctors gave me a packet of ten 1mg Lorazepam to help deal with a series of severe traumatic events that had occurred in short succession in 2015. I still have most and I am too scared to use it.  Substances are not the answer to our problems.  No Biblical figure used them, either.

Alcoholism begins with the very first sip of the first glass. 

I grew up in a prime wine region.  Either side of me were two districts which were the world’s highest and second highest wine consumers per capita, globally. Men had a morbidity age of 43 and life insurance companies applied higher rates to them.

 I wrote recipes for cooking from wine and presented “drink smarter, not more” seminars 25 years ago. I stopped using wine (I was not an abuser) after a Christian brother had a tiny sherry glass of dry white Chardonnay with me. From my place, he collected his pastor pal and both got drunk in public. He then went home and stopped an inch from shooting his wife and three year old daughter.  

I have no religious objection but common sense rules in this instance. Lead by example

The safe thing with alcohol is to keep it in a sealed bottle.

Don’t open it.  


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