No more MacWindoze 4ME! 

[Quick Post] Should I use Linux? –

My two cents:  I live in a third world country with fifty-five million people, sixty per cent of these are unemployed as there just aren’t jobs. We are fortunate, as our continent is made up of more than fifty countries, home to well over 1.2 billion souls, most of which are much poorer, even.

Paying for software? Few can afford it,so they pirate it!

There is a better way,  though. Instead of Microsoft Windows or Apple’s Mac OS, there are roughly three hundred versions of the free and open source (FOSS) computer operating systems around. Furthermore, even Android is derived from the Linux kernel yet it isn’t Linux.

The world’s third largest computer operating system is Linux Mint, which comes in various flavours. I have switched to this svelte OS around 2009 and it has proven itself to be head and shoulders above any flavour (distro) of Linux, especially when the Cinnamon desktop environment is employed. It is fast, stable, dependable, reliable, predictable and light on resources.

I run my Mint Cinnamon on a 2005 Intel Celeron 1.6GHz dual-core system with 4GB RAM. It flies in all tasks except when editing large RAW image files from the Canon EOS 700D DSLR camera. I would propose an Intel i5 2.5GHz Ivy Bridge or higher if graphic design or image/video editing is your thing. Of course, a Skylake or newer quad-core i7 won’t be required yet it won’t hurt, either.  While Linux Mint is very easy on system resources, give it the best hardware you can afford. 

It comes bundled with all you may ever need, for FREE, so there is no need to pirate anything. There are half a million applications that can be installed so easily using Synaptic Package Manager.

It is still the most secure OS out there.  No need to be online, no unwanted reporting or updates that eat into your data plan. You can even work totally off-line!




8 thoughts on “No more MacWindoze 4ME! 

  1. Personally I favour Debian Jessie with a the Xfce desktop! 🙂 Will however test drive Mint with Cinnamon desktop – a live version…

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  2. A friend of mine, a highly qualified tech, had experienced various stability & reliability issues with Debian. Also apps behaving strangely, for instance Thunderbird. I had my moments with Xfce which lost its .ICE file and I had to travel far to download a better distro with a more proven desktop. Xfce is light and powerful, but not even remotely as user friendly to non-tech users with limited computer skills. I found Mint Cinnamon to be the only true Windows replacement safe enough to be handed to anyone who lacks in acumen. I am thinking for others, not just myself. There are peopl3 who cannot even do basic things in Windows. To such, only a really robust, user friendly distro can ever work. This is why Mint Cinnamon is the world’s third largest OS. Because everything just works. In Xfce or MATE (Matay) it requires some skill to set up a wireless hotspot, for instance. Cinnamon does it better than any other out there. It really is polished and refined.

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  3. My son and his wife freelance – programming and scripting among other things, and they use Debian every day. I admittedly did have an issue with Debian Wheezy – in retrospect of my own doing and inexperience. Mint sounds like a good distro. 🙂

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  4. Mint can also be boring, especially to geeks who love hacking under the hood. Being so stable and reliable makes it unpopular with geeks. It makes sense to those wanting a Windows alternative.

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  5. Must admit coming from a windows platform it’s quite a step to start tinkering under the Linux hood – very satisfying when I get it right but correct answers can prove elusive! Also somewhat time consuming – many paths… 😆

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  6. I spent so many hours, hundreds if not a few thousand, over the past decade. I really started getting a life when I migrated to Mint Cinnamon. Now I have time for other things. It is so much easier than anything from Windows95 to Windows10!

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  7. Busy downloading Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop. I have created a multiboot pertable drive with a few interesting distros and utilities. let the testing commence! 😯

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  8. Have fun! I sometimes play with toys like PuppyLinux myself.

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