#DSLR Learning to Shoot

So I borrowed the Canon 700D from my friend again. Here are a few photos taken as follows:

  • Flowers photographed with nifty fifty lens at close-up setting or Tv 1/10 ISO 100
  • All other shots with 75-300 kit lens, Tv 1/160 ISO 100

The ship in the photo is the Gulden Leeuw from Kampen, Nederland.  This Dutch vessel was built in 1937 and arrived in CapeTown a few days ago. I was lucky seeing it enter the harbour and coming alongside to her mooring right in front of the beautiful Table Bay Hotel.

Gulden Leeuw with the Cape Wheel in the backdrop

The golden lion mascot

Oscar the Seal in front of Table Bay Hotel

VW Beetle still in high demand locally. Ancient stuff!

Eurocopter coming in to land

Sugarbush protea. Notice the bees.

White rose with a darling pose


ShosholozaMeyl train – South Africa. Canon 700D 18-55mm on automatic settings.

PremierClasse Train also 700D on auto, 18-55mm lens

Comments are welcome, constructive criticism on each and every photo is invited, provided your level of proficiency warrants that. 

General comments are also welcome, of course! I love showing you around my world.

Oh, this is me at work. Photo taken with a US$45 Android phone. 


5 thoughts on “#DSLR Learning to Shoot

  1. Hey nice to see you shooting with DSLR. Just want to share some thoughts.
    You seemed to be using very slow shutters speeds in your shots. As a rule of thumb use inverse of your focal length, that is If you are using 50mm(Nifty Fifty) your minimum shutter speed should be 1/50 sec and I generally use 1/100, this way you will avoid the camera shake and your pictures will be sharp when shot handheld. Also you have not mentioned about your aperture settings, specifically for flower and close up shots use f1.8 that will give excellent isolation of object. Please check my latest post on my blog where I have highlighted that point. Hope you are able to follow what I suggested. Let me know if you need more information. Happy shooting.!!


  2. Thanks! Those first shots were done within hours of laying my hands on a Canon DSLR, my very first real experience with anything bigger than a compact. Shots were terrible, as I followed advice and kept it on Auto. Bad advice. Shutter speeds improved shots later on and I used as fast as 1/1600 from a train running at 56mph. Your advice is taken and it agrees with education from two photographer friends, one with 53 years of professional photography under the belt,the other 55 years. A 108 years combined. Ain’t I lucky? I love comments like yours as it confirms what both had taught me. Thanks so much, I will visit your blog.

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  3. Great … start with semi automatic mode then move on to manual… modern cameras can still indicate you exposure on your screen even if you are on manual mode. Since you have friends with knowledge take advantage of it. All the best!

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  4. You are most welcome to contribute, remember! many who are silently reading here may only have you to guide them, but I think they should be following your blog as well.

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