Do you know Joe from Africa?

So we meet online, you ask me where I am from. I say that I am from Africa, then you ask if it is one of those countries in Darfur. I say now, I am from Cape Town, so you ask me if it is in one of those countries in South Africa.

(eyes roll)

Do you know Joe?

Where does he live?

In Ghana, that is close to you, eh? You must know him?

There is an online tool to check how far Accra, Ghana is from Cape Town, South Africa. Check it out.Bear in mind that Accra is just about halfway across Africa from Cape Town.

Chances are that I might not have met Joe, after all.

Africa is a rather large continent with more than fifty countries in it, just like North America has the USA, Canada, Mexico and other countries in it.

South Africa is a country. It has more than fifty million citizens who don’t BBQ. We braai.

Something to consider.

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Independent Countries in Africa


continent infographic 01 copy

The Size of Africa


5 thoughts on “Do you know Joe from Africa?

  1. So. There I am working in a small town in England. I receive a cold call. At the end of the call the caller says “The company owners are south African”. I say, stupidly but instictively, like I know all south Africans “Give me names”. The owner, it turns out, was from Zimbabwe, went to the same scholl as me and is the brother of one of my school mates!
    So. You never know… .:)


  2. It just shows how small the world is, ever when continents are huge. I always laugh at expats speaking Afrikaans on the tube, thinking that nobody would understand them. Well, half the people in the carriage are usually grinning……

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  3. I know what you mean. Especially near the biltong shop in Wimbledon station!

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  4. Hahaha ja


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