Mary Had A Little Lamb(s)

Some say that Dorper sheep are not exactly intelligent. Let us investigate a little by observing Mary and her two BBq-ready lambs at

Mary came at night and opened our secured kitchen door. We are not sure whether she wanted to assist with the next morning’s Merino salad or perhaps she needed a place to sleep. A rough doss apparently is below her level of sophistication, or is it? We shall see……

Here she is with her lambs on the lush greenery of the campsite at Steenbokkie.

Forsaking creature comforts, this is where they decided to rest instead of lying down on green pastures. Maybe they did not want to sleep on their food? Want to risk a wild guess here?

Notice the lovely lawns and shady trees in an otherwise almost barren desert.

Mary and her two lambs were just very polite and hospitable. As farm staff, they are not supposed to camp out where visitors do, so they politely stepped aside to make room for a school group that showed up later. Or let us believe this instead of suspecting them for being a bit dim-witted in not seeing a great opportunity?

Whatever the case may be, let me suggest that you come on over and bring your tent or camper along. Or, if you are like Mary, why not settle into one of the comfy chalets that we found on this working farm? A most enjoyable stay in nature, where nothing works with batteries and your young ones can learn to be unplugged humans for a while. There are many more animals, some very clever.

A farm stay in Africa with no malaria mosquito’s and no big cats that will hunt you down. Even Mary and her lambs are at peace here.

(Don’t mention that BBQ or braai as we locals call it.)


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