Your business should be on GoogleMaps

She walked up to me and asked if I knew where Cumfy Cars were. Yes, I could help, it was her lucky day. Even so, a friend and I first had to think back a bit before we could give her directions. See, the wrong map marker had led her to the wrong address, some 2km from where she needed to be in suburban Cape Town.

So many businesses have stunning websites and maybe even a blog or a Facebook page. A website is essential,of course.
On a daily basis, I see how people find my friend’s coffee shop gets found because I listed it on GoogleMaps. An online search will produce perhaps 1,216,342 results. That is no way to bring customers to one’s front door.

My listings of Karoo Backpackers, Anthony’s Golden Cup Coffee Shop, Steenbokkie Private Nature Reserve and many others have been visited more than 120,000 times in just three short months. I have ensured that addresses and map markers are correct, as I found that so many businesses appear in the wrong spot and will never be found.

Add photos, also of the street view of your premises. I have found that my photos are viewed frequently. Of Anthony’s Golden Cup, there is a photo that has been viewed almost four thousand times in one month. It is so nice to be present when patrons from abroad walk infor a coffee, GPS in the hand.

Using GoogleMaps, claiming your own business as your own is essential. I found that various travel portals hijack holiday accommodation and hold owners to ransom for excessive commissions. Ensure that you and nobody else owns your presence on GoogleMaps.

Driving people to your front door is where your revenues will arise from. Be found easily. People use GoogleMaps noeadays, so be seen there.

Do not leave your clientele directionless.


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