Christian Pirates

A church was raided by South African Police just over a decade ago as it was using pirated Christian movies and music during its services. A good friend was angered when I refused to pirate music for her church’s dance group.

Another Christian friend had a few hundred gigabytes of pirated movies on her laptop. Most of it is content no true Christian even should want to have.

The pirated music and movies usually contain some form of malware, placed their by the movie pirates or by the hacker software they use, just like these online services where users download music and videos for free.

As expected, despite anti-malware software, our friendcs Windows operating system decided to fail a few days ago. My own suspicion is that some timed malware became active.

The part that I don’t understand is why we want to own pirated content. Already, 38% or more of Microsoft installations in South Africa are pirated, according to an official estimate by a watchdog organisation. Why not use a free operating system that comes with all the software you will ever need, for free? It is vastly superior, much safer to use in terms of malware and requires much less powerful hardware to run on. I have the latest installed on a 2005 laptop and it is blazing fast. Visit

Now on to pirated music & movies. How do I say this softly,not offending anyone? It is just theft!

Speaking and praying in tongues, just to steal someone else’s work without even feeling guilty? The Bible teaches us to obey the country’s laws, we shout at our corrupt government and ludicrous president while watching stolen movies!

That is how exemplary we Christians are in our conduct! We steal openly and even justify our deeds! Well, I prefer to buy my own.

Pirating music is no less of a crime than shoplifting, breaking & entering, theft, robbery.

Show me the Bible verse that approves of this and I will delete this post from my blog.


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