Known by their friends

Show me your friends and I will be able to tell who you are.

Over the past two years, it became evident who were Clinton supporters. Among them counted Christians following occult beliefs, straying from God’s plan. There were those content with abortion. LGBT. Notably, the pro-communists showed up in numbers. The dopey clan and their weedy idol.

A motley crew, an unholy one.

This doesn’t make Trump a saint yet it shows who the opposition is – the Antichrist. Or so it seems.


4 thoughts on “Known by their friends

  1. This is one way many don’t see as the reason why Trump triumphed.

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  2. In my own country, it is no different. Communism is atheism by definition, said Lenin

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  3. I didn’t know that about communism. Thanks for the info. I don’t fill my mind with stuff not positive for me… unless the knowledge is necessary 😊

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