On January 16, they already torched the first school and gutted it. In "protesting against service delivery" issues. A ruse, that is.

In and around Cape Town, the world’s richest biospheres get torched and burned to the ground. To intimidate the population. It is psychological warfare. It demoralizes and tires forefighters. It depletes already thin budgets. It is economic warfare.

Meanwhile, the economy is taking a massive hit. We saw little of the unprecedented boom in tourism in our region. Businesses suffer.

A drought, the worst in almost a century, is taking its toll. We don’t bath but wash from a little pool at the bottom of the bath. Even a short shower isn’t a daily indulgence.

Add it all up and see there is something greater than the sum of its parts. I have an idea, perhaps God has been forgotten and people act as they deem fit.

We need rain, we need business, we need peace. But the way there is through Jesus.

Let us not approach Him for the sake of bread, but let us repent from our sinful arrogance, our selfish indulgences. After all, how we drive is a sign of who we are. Out of 50 million people, we killed well over 1,700 over the past festive season.

We need true, repentant revival. Then Jesus will deliver the goods.


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