We are what we eat, right?

Jesus truly never declared all food clean. His teaching was taken out of context and monks added a line that reads "with that He declared all food clean" centuries later.

So much for inerrantly breathed scripture. Then altered by man.

I am no keen pork eater as I know why it was declared unclean. Bacon does smell nice when fried or grilled, yes. Eating much of it could cause certain cancers. Having pork in your diet most likely won’t see you roasting on the spit in the end, but it could possibly affect your health and your capability to serve His purpose during your lifetime. And it really is sin not living up to your specific calling. My NDE and that of others confirmed what the Bible teaches about that.

As for myself, I won’t easily buy it and I do usually decline it, but there come times that it is better to swallow than to spit out, lest one rejects a weaker brother. It sometimes is better to leave the dogma for love.

Meanwhile, pigs have little to fear when I am around. I come from the farm. I have seen a pig. A peach still looks more appetising. Peaches also smell better!


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