Expired Goods

They moved to Australia, from South Africa, to live near their internationally (in)famous church.

I live two doors away from their mother, here in the retirement resort. Christmas saw no guests arrive at the mother’s, neither over New Year’s.

The mother is in bad health and underwent surgery. One child lives an hour away but did not visit during weeks of recovery. The other went to church with Waltzing Mathilda. Oh, there is a third child, also taken up in the independent church movement.

Spiritual warfare, designer worship, new teachings. So politically correct. New clichés, nuances, mannerisms, jargon.

We meet more and more estranged elderly. Children so easily forget what their parents had done for them, but the bad is easy to remember and not forgive.

Renewal does not reach far, or deep. Its arms are short.

Dogma fills the head, but love in the heart had expired. Hearts turned to icy cold, mouths proclaiming Jesus so bold.

What is the purpose of their cutting edge religion, then?


2 thoughts on “Expired Goods

  1. Oh no, it’s here in the USA as well. Praying for the return of our Lord Jesus!

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