A Christian Vegan ?

A Christian is a reborn person filled with the Spirit of the Almighty Father. It is not just someone born bodily into a religious system. Many claim to be Christian but are only so in name.

With that premise, based upon the clear teachings of Jesus, who is none other than God in a human body, we can explore the Bible a little.

At first, man did not eat meat and even lions ate grass. Then came a curse upon this wretched planet, only because mankind chose a different way than what we were destined to. Oops. Man needed meat ever since.

In the next life, I do not see us killing animals or plants for nutrition. The Bible mentions types of angel food, for instance. For now, it says that unbelievers eat only vegetables. I find that my friends who don’t eat meat, without exception, follow some Eastern belief or another. Their beliefs are based upon non-Christian teachings, which is worrying as their vegetarianism or even veganism goes well beyond dietary considerations. It would have been very simple had this been a purely dietary matter.

When one starts following non-Christian teachings while proclaiming to be Christian, who are you really?

I am not against veganism or vegetarianism, yet one has to decide where your belief system is positioned. There is no grey area in being a disciple of Jesus Christ.


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