Popular belief.


These have little in common with truth, otherwise known as reality.

Daily, I meet people who still believe that communism is dead or those still surprised that Trump had won. Interestingly, they are well versed in Trump’s inadequacy yet ignorant of expensive Obama’s shopping trips to India and South America. At the cost of the American taxpayer. Or that Hilary was quite keen on approving the wiping out of much of the next generation of Americans – in the womb. And the American taxpayer would have to foot the bill. Silent genocide.

People believe what they choose to believe. They will vehemently oppose truth, disown reality. Oh, they stand by their creed. Keep the Ten Commandments. And, even so, they eat bacon. Did not God forbid that? Keep one law, keep all.

Jesus never declared all food clean. That bit was inserted much later by a monking lending God a hand in writing the Bible.

The thing is this: they will defend their Bible yet not live according to it. Let someone just say something they don’t agree with.

Then they ignore, avoid, shun and oust that person.

1 Corinthians 13. Or Jesus’ Two Commandments.

2 The Contrary.


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