#Banting @VovoTelo V&A Waterfront

You cannot miss it, not with the enormous 40m tall Cape Wheel right next to it!

Many people complain just for the sake of complaining. I will drive you up the wall if there is really good reason. However, this is just one of many visits here and, as usual, everything was going super smooth. Cape Town blessed us with a bit of a breeze, which keeps the heat away. A beautiful day in the Mother City.

Usually our SIN STOP, as I am diabetic and sneak here for a slice of cake with strong, aromatic coffee.  Repeat. Ditto.

Today, we were a bit more health conscious and opted for two types of beef with veggies, not that we Bant, but we do buy into the #LCHF philosophy. We were not disappointed and were served a succulent, tasty Beef Pesto with olives and al dente veggies, as well as Beef Medallions accompanied by a lovely caulimash & mustard butter sauce.

In addition, there are Banting options on the menu, so the health conscious eaters won’t be disappointed!

Service was friendly as usual and we were attended to frequently, if only to check up on our well-being. Nitpickers would find it hard to fault Vovo Telo here ate the V&A Waterfront.

From a healthy eating perspective, we were pleased by the absence of starches and fillers. Just expertly prepared food made with top grade ingredients, served in a courteous, professional way without deducting from homely friendliness.

For the discerning traveller, my advice is to consider eating here. Portions are mid-sized, meaning that you won’t leave hungry and neither will you overindulge. My Beef Pesto cost only R38 more than a badly executed burger at a regular restaurant. No potatoes or onions fried in lapsed oil, no dry bread rolls, no tribal birthday dancing but only solid, good food.

We chose to sit on the mezzanine floor below wooden rafters and I could glance toward the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway upper station.  The interior decoration reminds of informal farmhouse kitchen fellowship over a hearty meal.

There is a selection of wines, cakes and other delicacies but I leave that toy you to come and discover. An adventurous travel awaits you – just follow the cryptic clues on the menu!

As you can see, I am a good food enthusiast. Trust me, this is a good deal.


2 thoughts on “#Banting @VovoTelo V&A Waterfront

  1. Wens jy was hier! Jy sal jouself uit jou nate uit kan Bant in hierdie plekkie! Dis so lekker om ‘n slag ‘n bord gesonde kos te kry, nie chips, ou brood en vergane uie wat in horingoue olie gebraai is nie. Dis lekker hier, geen vreemde “tribes” of verjaardaggeskree nie, net lekker sit en gesels (outydse kuier sonder thinners.) Wel, hulle het ‘n wyntjie vir diegene wat die lus kry daarvaoor.

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