Realistic Expectations

A small kid can be excused for calling water "waller." When and adult would talk like that, our reaction would be different.

Leaders should think before answering. Over the past two, three months, responses came from two top female leaders in my neck of the woods. One is renowned globally yet she answers like a twelve year old. The other wasted a fortune in taxpayer money by insisting to have an arms deal investigated. Did she expect full confessions?

When one is well rested, our own responses will be more civil but, after two decades of extreme hardship, I simply have insufficient emotional energy left to deal with pre-teens with greying hair.

In dealing with these types, all I can say is that primary school teachers have to be angels.


2 thoughts on “Realistic Expectations

  1. I agree. Even so, I think one need to be trained as a primary school teacher when dealing with politicians.

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