Bravo for Bravo!

We sometimes meet very interesting people and even become friends. One such person is Owen Bongie Mngomezulu known as”Bravo” The Comedian Acrobat. Owen has been doing his Comedy Acrobat shows for 16 years and he is truly loved by the crowds.  A gentleman of immense physical and mental strength, but also with a quick with and an amazing sense of humour.  Perhaps Owen is a very active stand-up comedian.

What you see here, is real and there is much, much more in his live shows.

Bravo has performed in various places such as Botswana,  Lesotho, Swaziland, Israel, UK, Qatar, South Korea and all the Provinces of South Africa.

Owen has finished recording his Maskandi album since he also is a musician. Currently, he also is busy writing his Comedian Movie which he hopes will be ready somewhere during 2017.

See him perform from time to time adjacent to the V&A Waterfront amphithreatre.


2 thoughts on “Bravo for Bravo!

  1. Sjoe! Hoe sterk moet sy mond wees om die gewig te dra!


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