Shhhh… I’m Sleeping… — EsroH

It’s amazing how looks can be deceiving; it’s amazing how assumption can cause the greatest problems in one’s life. I find this type of complacency amongst the True Believers incredibly disturbing, even to the point where I want to scream and shout at them to wake up and smell the coffee. Sad thing is that […]

via Shhhh… I’m Sleeping… — EsroH

Repentance is an unwelcome term in modern Christianity. A few weeks ago, not sure when, His Spirit led me to the deepest act of repentance in my life, ever. That entire evening, I cried out to the Lord about every sin I ever committed. The next day, a guy told me he hadn’t eaten all day and he looked like he could buy food. So, when I asked him why he went hungry he said “It is Yom Kippur and I cannot eat while having so much unrepented sin in me. I am coming clean, first, and repent of my sins.”  Perhaps interesting that our Father led me to repentance while I was blissfully unawares of the day of atonement. Moreover, that a supposedly “unsaved” man seemed more saved than so many reborn Christians who do as they please.


2 thoughts on “Shhhh… I’m Sleeping… — EsroH

  1. It is something we should everyday, for sins seen and unseen. Thank you for the reminder. We are still yet uncomfortable with the real truth of this walk.

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  2. Yep. When the connection is broken, the fault is on my side. Troubleshooting begins with repentance. Are you doing OK over there?

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