Internet Trolls

Internet Trolls are as part of our lives as bad drivers and graffiti. We must adapt or die, learn how to deal with them. It sometimes is a good opportunity to expose that person, or to let it pass unnoticed. Don’t let it get under your skin. Here is to being attacked without reason. If you read Isaiah 54, you will see that anyone attacking you will fall over you. Recently, the premier of my province and former mayor of my city, called me “clueless” on Twitter. Her bitch pack entered the fray and had a field day ridiculing me. They were really cruel. I then took a picture of an official letter and proved them wrong. The premier was awarded the title “world’s best mayor” about a decade ago. Her arrogance and haughty pride had embarrassed many on social media, so many times. Now this: with the help of an “unresponsive” (according to the premier) minister in national parliament, we managed to solve the problem within a week. Her Twitter account has become so quiet that people discuss it widely. I also want to inspire you as readers to be the kings, queens & prophets you were called to be, even if you are, like myself, someone with limited means and no social standing. You can still make the world better for His children. We rule with Jesus, as His aides, not needing any status endowed by man. We know, after all, who we are in Him. From this, a huge opportunity fell into my lap. I will report on my blog over the next two weeks. Some better understanding will come when reading On Behalf Of The Disabled on my blog
Don’t be discouraged by the rice kernel minded trolls; they only use their intellect to its absolute maximum capacity. But you are so much smarter than them all combined. Now, like Gideon the coward who hid in an empty wine tank, go in His power and save your nation.


So I got called a “fatty” by someone on Instagram today.


And now, before I go any further, this is not some lame attempt to fish for complements or whatever. It was a bogus remark by a troll on the internet. I deleted it. But not before I went to the guy’s page, andddd it was all shirtless bathroom mirror selfies with his face scribbled out. So there’s that…


I wasn’t really hurt. I was just sorta miffed. Frankly, I was disappointed in humanity that people would seriously be so cruel. Calling a former “anorexic” fat? Who does that?

And I was going to just Shake it Off, a la, Taylor Swift, but I actually thought it was a great opportunity for reflection. That, and when the comment came in, I was writing another piece on what recovery has taught me, so I decided to practice what I was literally preaching…

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