WordPress bowing out?

I get more visitors on Google+ in three days than here in six months. Been on Twitter since October 8. With 50k views but WP only 4k in six months. For the cumbersome Android app, the only thing it succeeds in is to gobble up expensive mobile data. In a country where we pay upward of $15/GB and have to spend from 25-40℅ of income on Internet access.


6 thoughts on “WordPress bowing out?

  1. Email my op elokwint at google dot com asb dan vertel ek jou

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  2. Dalk moet ek blog hieroor, maar baie op die pad tans. Soggens vroeg uit en saans tienuur eers tuis,selfs oor die naweek.


  3. Dis ‘n goeie plan ek wil ook weet 🙂

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  4. Hou my warm hieroor volgende week asb. Sal dit probeer doen.

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