#Diabetes Dungeon

Plot Twist – http://wp.me/p5DaHF-WG

I am diabetic. I am also a reborn Christian. Faith community expects from the sick to be always kind, loving, nice towards others, never sulk, yet physical pain can become unbearable. I have been up since 11pm last night after I went to bed just two hours prior. It as 12:16pm when I am writing here. More Tramadol?  I am scared of becoming dependent. More Tegretol? I don’t have extra. Paracetamol? What a joke. I never knew headaches could come from diabetes. Last few days had feet burning like the very fires of hell. Tremendous pain in feet, once even in hands. Nerve pain requiring morphine that I won’t even ask my doctor for. It is not easy to be a model Christian in my circumstances, which go beyond diabetes. Wayy beyond.   


3 thoughts on “#Diabetes Dungeon

  1. I seemingly failed to mention the terrible headaches that started a few months ago. I am not taken to headaches, usually. Also, we have no protein, just pasta screws and samp. Already gluten intolerant, maybe this is the root cause. Will have to Google it.

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  2. WE WILL.? They bοth sһouted and they rаn to the bedroоm bickering about
    who will get too gο fіrst.


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