Location! Location! Location!

The mantra of real estate agents has a familiar ring to it. We have all heard it before. Yet, the world we live in is dynamic and change is guaranteed.

We moved into a new suburb in March 2016 after we had lived for two years in an apartment owned by the same landlord from whom we had rented the five years prior to that as well. At our initial address, mobile broadband signal was quite good, measured in South African standards as my HSDPA dongle averaged around 7.5mbps while peaking at around 21mbps. Then he sold the property and allocated a different unit to us, just 300 metres down the same street and our signal was gone! We had to change to a new service provider at much increased cost.

After we had moved to our current address, we suddenly had terrible connectivity issues and we once again had to change our service providers. Even so, where we live, even the best service providers are not on par. There simply are not enough mobile antennae in the area and the existing ones are antiquated Sony Ericsson pr Nokia towers, while the more modern Huawei ones are not yet deployed to my neck of the woods.

Current speeds are sometimes measured in mere bits per second! Not even kilobits, let alone gigabYtes! I can only blog via off-line email and not even using a browser as it just times out.

It is safe to say that one should first investigate a new neighbourhood if you want to relocate. If you are like me and absolutely need mobile broadband for basic survival, then please ensure beforehand that there is good coverage, if no ADSL or Fibre Optic infrastructure around. Satellite around here is prohibitively expense as if regular data does not already cost four to five times that of other countries.

Did I hear someone say: “Location!! Location!! Location!!” ??


7 thoughts on “Location! Location! Location!

  1. To add insult to injury, WordPress became buggy when uploading pictures. It will eat all your data yet still not complete the upload. Another blogger traveling in Australia lamented this as well. In which region are you?


  2. I am India… ate up close to 800 MB in a couple of days. I was using my phone plan, so had to be very mindful of the data


  3. These days, when considering a new home, it is not the kitchen or the garden that’s important to me anymore, it’s CONNECTIVITY! I’d rather live in a rabbithole and be able to connect than in the plushest Tuscan home with no signal!

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  4. No fibre out in the country here on the plots, have had to go wireless with Telkom’s WiMax.

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  5. I only have mobile but Telkom FreeMe is over fantastic!


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