Good enough for the Apostles?

A theologian recently told me about a debate among other theologians. Apparently, the debate was about the King James Bible. One theologian, holding a master’s degree, apparently said that “if the KJV was good enough for the Apostles, it is good enough for me.”

The KJV arrived about more than 1500 years after the Apostles! This is how deranged following dogma is.

Dogma is untested doctrine riddled with errors.

One should shed that cloak, the mantel of religiosity and rather just move with His Spirit. The Apostles had no Bible at all, as the only Scriptures were the Old Testament which was kept in the Temple, where they had no access to it, having been branded persona non grata.

About the Old Testament, Paul tweeted to Timothy that all of it was inspired. Even that can be challenged as much of Ecclesiastes was taken from the Epic of Gilgamesh, who was a Babylonian worshipper. Perhaps Paul referred to the Torah, aka Pentateuch aka Five Books of Moses?

The Apostles had His Spirit only. What was good enough for the Apostles, is good enough for me.


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