Diabetes ED ucation

More than fifty percent of Type II sufferers go undiagnosed. Sometimes, doctors are just not functional and are quick to prescribe medication unrelated to a problem. When a male patient with a girth of ≥102 cm walk in, already he should be tested for insulin resistance. It seldom happens. I was seen by more than 35 doctors, including top specialists including internists and one of my country’s top oncologists. Even tested by several psychiatrists.

Nobody even suspected diabetes. Why are so many doctors so clueless?

It was a nursing sister who pointed out to a young doctor, fresh from medical school, what the problem was. He repeated her tests and confirmed that I had Type II diabetes, roughly thirty years after I first consulted a doctor about my symptoms.

One of my own doctors went blind within a month from diabetes.

My daughter’s maternal outlaw had to endure fourteen injections right into each eyeball. And she had to have parts of her foot amputated. Twice.

Diabetes causes organ failure. People get to swallowing happy pills for “depression” while diabetes silently kills them. Even steal their joy in the form of ED.

A Banting-type diet and enough exercise may help, but what if you already have disability going? Do consider a LCHF diet.

Get yourself tested properly if your girth is the subject of others’ mirth. Restless legs, burning feet, feet or limbs feeling numb, ED (also in women), constant thirst, irritability, mood swings, obesity – all these things could be signs of diabetes. Do Google the symptoms of Type II Diabetes and err on the safe side.

Restless legs: reduce caffeine intake and ask your doctor for Tegretol. 

Neuropathy causes immense pain and ED is debilitating. Get help before damage is irreversible.

Type II Diabetes can be reversed.


8 thoughts on “Diabetes ED ucation

  1. Dankie vir die reblog 😆


  2. Great post. It’s so sad that most people, including doctors, think that more insulin is the solution to T2D. How many millions more people have to suffer a slow, torturous death before we realize the truth?

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  3. Thanks – I challenge them nowadays when I get to interact with medical students and their professors.

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  4. Imagine half the folks who have it don’t even know it.

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  5. I had it for about 4 years, and couldn’t understand why I always felt light headed after eating

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  6. Or dizzy after cycling fast & far


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