Table Mountain Sunset

I took this picture on September 25, 2016 from Table View beach and just wanted to share the scenery with you all. It is not the best quality photo and experts may not like it, yet it comes from the heart. Check out #Cape Town


6 thoughts on “Table Mountain Sunset

  1. I’m not one for the beach, or hot weather, but that does look relaxing

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  2. Early spring here, so there is just cool to mild weather. The beach there isn’t to my own liking but we Capetonians have this “thing” about our mountain. Maybe we are all a bit obsessed but so is the rest of the world. People come from all over to see it, feel it, climb it, abseil down part of its 3500′ flank, they dine at the top, get engaged, there is the aerial cableway….and from a distance it ain’t lookin’ half bad, does it?

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  3. No I agree it looks beautiful, Capetown in general is quite easy on the eyes as well

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